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Thread: DaytimeDreamer

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    Loads of trades with Luke, thought he already had a feedback thread, if I find it I will merge.

    Top guy anyways. A+

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    Bought FIFA PS4 from Luke yesterday. It aarrived today in some outrageously secure packaging.


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    Further trades and further excellence.

    Highly recommended.

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    Bought AC4 for PS4 quick and easy, seems like a nice guy!

    Would buy from again!

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    Bought a promo disk for PS4 (Knack). Good comms and the loose disk was in a jewl case and then jiffy bag for protection in postage.

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    Bought from again, got a little something extra too. Said I would buy from again and I did!

    Highly recommended by me

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    Young Luke sold me a minty promo copy of Beyond Two Souls for a very reasonable 12 quid. Well packaged and sent in an acceptable time frame. The force is strong in this one.

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    Purchased Toukiden on PSVita from Luke.

    Arrived very quickly and was a great price.


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    Bought a couple of PlayStation games from Daytime. I received them swiftly. Would deffo deal with again.


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