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    Doctor Who: Regeneration 02

    Starting a new thread as that seems the way with massive old threads and with the Anniversary this year there's likely to be a lot to talk about from here on.

    The hype machine has started for Season 7.5 later this month with the new companion fully in place.

    The Ice Warriors are one of the highlights being discussed who make their main return along with redesigned Cybermen.

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    Jenna is booked for next years Season 8 and filming starts soon on the 50th Anniversary special.

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    Rumour about when Smith will quit however it's by The Sun who are crap at Dr Who rumours

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    The big one, the 50th Anniversary special films next week and to get the jump the BBC has confirmed that Billie Piper and David Tennant will return alongside Matt and Jenna with John Hurt guesting for the special.

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    I wasn't all that impressed with the new episode tbh ... This series so far has been lackluster at best. Think it maybe time for them to call it a day. It has had a good run though, certainly nothing wrong with the previous series we have had.

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    It was ok, some nice hints about continuing themes this series.
    I liked the name of the episode, felt so stupid i didnt get it before hand!

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    If it's like Series 6 this run should be better when watched in one run but despite also not feeling this weeks ep was that great I do feel breaking up this series across around 9 months has hurt the flow and is a dumb move by the BBC. Hopefully Series 8 moves back to the normal pattern

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    I thought the episode was charming. I really enjoy Matt Smiths portrayal of the Doctor. His quirkiness always brings a smile to my face. Did I spot Tom Bakers scarf in the background of the house at one stage?

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