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    I'm so looking forward to the anniversary special in November now.

    Did anyone catch what The Doctor said in front of the tomb door before River intervened? I thought he said "Ace"

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    Ace Rimmer confirmed for the special!

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    I thought that was 'please'

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    It's been known for a very long time but the show is now official for Season 8 and Matt Smith is returning making him the longest serving 'new age' Doctor, we'll be waiting a little bit longer to see the final regeneration of the Doctor.

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    Just watched the finale, second half of the season was so poor I'd stop watching it on Saturday nights. This episode however was fantastic, and as Pete mentioned, clever ending, colour me impressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazytaxinext View Post
    I thought that was 'please'
    My daughter concurs :-)

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    Well, contrary to earlier reports Matt Smith has officially announced that this years Christmas Special will be his last episode. The casting search is on now for who will become the Doctors final regenerated incarnation.

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    I'd love to see simon pegg in the role.

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    Everyone* in work agrees that Richard Ayoade (Moss from the IT Crowd) would make an excellent Docter.

    *who matters, being myself and the few people who watch it


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