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    I did wonder about that. One excellent episode out of 12 is not an acclaimed run.

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    I liked that one. Tellingly the most RTD style one in a while and it paid off the ongoing storyline well despite the noticeable set reuse to keep costs down Capaldi seemed more at home with it too rather than the usual rough scripts. It's increasingly starting to feel like another soft reboot of the show is on the horizon.

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    Back on the rewatch now and a few episodes more of Season 27 complete:

    -Aliens of London/World War Three
    The first of the RTD era two parters, the one with the Slitheen. Bad back in the day but awful now. Both worthy of the first two Dalek Awards for badness

    Some of the era's cheapness gets in the way along with some bad acting but the story still stands as a great reintroduction of the Daleks and it still carries weight that this one Dalek is more threatening than the entire race is these days. First Tardis Award!

    -The Long Game
    Sadly for Simon Pegg, straight back into dudsville. Very weak and a third Dalek award

    -The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
    Moffats first contribution still stands up well. The first episode contains some weak comedy moments and jumps around a bit too much, the second half is pretty effective still however. One Tardis award

    Oddly I skipped Fathers Day so that will be tomorrows episode.

    So far:

    Season 27 - 2 Tardis Awards, 3 Dalek Awards

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    Doctor Who is moving back to its much better suited Spring slot in 2017. The next series is officially Moffatts last one in charge. Chris Chibnall will be taking over for Series 11 in 2018

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    Peter Capaldi has confirmed that he's been asked to stay on as the Doctor for Season 11 but is yet to make a decision whether to leave with Moffatt at the end of 2017's season.


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