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    It's coming to the PC because the PC is an open format. This is still an unofficial project, despite Crytek pledging not to oppose the project, and there's just no way to do such unofficial projects on closed platforms like consoles. Blame Sony and Microsoft for that one.

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    It'll be interesting to see if they stick to the stationary 'Goldeneye style' aiming (which is the perfect fps control scheme for controllers) or make it more of a run and gun game like Crysis. I would think that sort of aiming mechanic - stopping in place to pick your shots - will make the game incredibly easy on a mouse and keyboard. Only PC game I can think of where that sort of control system has been implemented is the Resi 4 mod.

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    It was the perfect control scheme for controllers with only one analog stick!

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    Console shooter wise, I prefer Goldeneye/Perfect Dark type aiming (where you stop to pick your shots) over the Halo and CoD control schemes. I tried to play CoD 3 round a friends over christmas and I found using 360 controller a mare for fps.

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    Well you must be the only one then because the 360 controller and the dual stick control scheme in general is a natural evolution from the original single stick goldeneye etc... had in place. It'll be interesting to see what they do with this.

    I've loved the series throughout and have fond memories of playing the original at launch with a bunch of mates.

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    I find running and aiming to be massively unrealistic. How many times do you see action stars sprinting down a hill looking down the scope of a rifle? As fun as it can be it just keeps on reminding me that I'm controlling a floating camera.

    It's this reason why I still prefer Perfect Dark to this day.

    Run & gun should be unreliable.
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    I can't believe people make such a fuss over it too. Like people that deem Resi 4 unplayable because of it.

    Dense idiots.

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