Long overdue update, onto it due to popular (?) request.
The impressions are based on Caladrius AC with a total of four credits spent, so they might not be the deepest impressions out there.
The arcade version adds two new character, with Caladrius and the ability to customise special weapons available right from the start; these latter two things were unlocked by completing the game in the X360 port.
The two new ships available are both on the slow side, and feature pretty powerful special weapons, with the purple ship (belonging to the shopkeeper) boasting shielding, far-reaching and focused shots. It could actually make the green and yellow ships redudant, as it shares their strongest points without needing to customise the loadout.
The other ship, belonging to a female demon (I think), is an offensive type, powerful but probably the slowest of the bunch. I didn't like the combination of strong, mostly focused shots and slow ship, the character herself wasn't particularly interesting, so I gave her just one try.
Collecting Ether Chips was easier, I maxed out one weapon after the second level; shards for extra lives are seemingly more common, but somewhat harder to reach, though this might have been due to me not remembering all patterns. Bosses behave in the same way, with the same attacks; enemy patterns felt the same as the X360 game, but the game did felt a tad faster; I also had the impressions that midbosses and other big enemies had lower health, or that special weapons were more powerful than before. Sol Towers were in the same position as before.
I enjoyed that the game awarded more Ether Chips, in the original you focused on one special weapon and used the other two as spares. There's also a bonus stage to gather even more Chips, so it's quite possible to max out your arsenal by the end of the game.
The X360 game never impressed me much, and these few credits spent weren't enough for me to purchase Caladrius Blaze, the PS3 port of Caladrius AC: it's essentially the same game, with few new extras and a tuned system.