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    I listened to most of the first half on R5L and when they scored the second and half-time came I'd had enough thinking that, as predicted, Barca were going to give us a drubbing. I started watching The Apprentice and occasionally switched back to check what scoreline horror was developing and timed it just perfectly to hear that great Spurs fightback which could have gained us a draw.

    It wasn't to be but all the pundits and commentators agreed that the final score was no reflection on the Spurs performance. They played well enough throughout and very well, particularly in that second half spell. It was just that Barca + Messi played better.

    Pity. It is going to make getting through this group stage difficult to say the least. It is still doable as you say but if we lose again that's it.

    Saturday Edit

    Cardiff today and if we don't get three points from this game I think Spurs', admittedly significant, injury list is not going to be much of an excuse.
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    Not a great performance today, disjointed and a bit weird, but with flashes of good stuff.

    I thought Cardiff did very well, especially first half, and I’d say from about the 20th to 40th minute they were the better team and unlucky not to equalise with their shot that we cleared off the line. They didn’t threaten as much in the second half, but still had one glorious chance to equalise that Lloris pushed onto the post (I think, it was the opposite end of the pitch).

    We started well and got the exact start you’d want against a team likely to sit deep, with the early goal. Didn’t kick on from that though, but we sparked into life at the end of the first half with chances for Lucas and Son that should have made it 2-0. Another great chance at the start of the second half where a Lucas shot was cleared off the line after it spilled to him from a save from a Kane shot.

    Can’t remember any other massive chances for us though. Lots of possession and getting into semi-dangerous positions without finding the final pass to take advantage. Even Cardiff going down to ten men didn’t make a huge difference. Perked up a bit when Lamela came on, as usual, our tempo just seems to shift up a notch when he’s on the pitch.

    So not a great performance, but three points is three points however you get them. And, considering that we haven’t been firing on all cylinders yet this season, and have a lot of injuries, six wins from eight isn’t a shabby start at all.

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    Lucas is turning out to be a very good buy but he doesn't have the same clinical finishing as HK, a problem DA has as well.

    As they were saying on MotD HK's role yesterday was more like a number 10 with Son and Lucas up front and I'm not sure the side or HK looks happy with that formation. HK has cited Teddy Sheringham before as an influence and I think that is what he was trying to do yesterday - holding up the ball and feeding the others.

    I just don't see him making his most effective contributions being played like that. Teddy Sheringham's best strike partnership work was always done alongside another striker of equal and complimentary ability: Klinsman, Shearer and Solskjśr. None of the other Spurs current players are of that class in an attacking role..

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    Yeah, it's been noticeable in a few matches this season that he's often been playing deeper with someone like Lucas further ahead of him on the pitch. Although our front players do rotate a lot during the 90 mins and there were plenty of times against Cardiff (for example) when Kane was the player furthest forward.

    Funnily enough the same thing happened for England quite a bit during the world cup, where he was often a bit deeper with Sterling being the furthest forward. Must be under instructions from the manager(s) to do it. He can play very well when dropping deep, holds the ball up very well and has is capable of playing some superb passes, but I would like to see him do it a little bit less.

    It'll be interesting to see where he is on the pitch most of the time for England tonight.

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    He didn't score but had chances, particularly that header - just a touch less power or more spin and it would have dropped under the bar. Dier's header too could have easily gone in, ironically all that needed was a little less spin.

    HK was played much more as a conventional striker and despite some mild criticism of his positional play from the ITV pundits I think the England team had a pretty decent match.

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    ^^ I agree. I thought the first half, sans Dier's header, was one of the dullest halves of football I've ever seen! Second half was much better though and England really should have won. Unlucky with Kane's header and two superb chances spurned by Rashford. But in general all around play, the second half was pretty good.

    I've just seen the England team for tonight, delighted that Harry Winks is getting a start. After battling back from months of injury to get back into the Spurs side, and now being called up and getting a start for England, he must feel like he's made it to the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Edit: England 3-0 up at half time A world class display from Kane in that first half. A key part in the move for the first, great run and assist for the third, but the second goal was the best; brilliant holdup play from Pickford's goal kick and then an excellent pass through to Rashford. Deserves a goal for himself in the second half.

    No goal for Kane but we barely had the ball at all in the second half, let alone enough to get it to the front players! Did well to grind out the win though despite all the pressure from Spain.
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    Absolutely fantastic England first half with HK's hold-up play, particularly for the second goal, world class. That IS how to do it.

    But second half it was like a different match. A bit lucky to hold on bearing in mind the number of chances the Spanish had.

    Pickford had an 'interesting' game both brilliant and bonkers in equal measure. He got himself into trouble and could easily have been sent off but indeed his quick distribution was key to England's success in the first half.

    Apart from HK the other Spurs players all had very good games too, particularly Trippier who, apart from one mistake shown in the ITV highlights, yet again put in a notable performance in both attack and defence.

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    Tough match today, a very hard fought win decided by a couple of moments of quality from Sissoko and Lamela. They were the best two players, along with Winks. Moura also had his moments but faded a bit in the second half after a bright run near the start.

    First half was pretty even, but I'd say we just about shaded it. Second half West Ham were the better side and putting lots of pressure on us without creating many clear cut chances; Lloris only had to make two good saves (and he shouldn't have needed to make the second one as Hernandez was clearly offside in the build up) but it was nervy and I was glad when it was over!

    A vital three points though, and now our highest points total after nine matches in the Premier League era.

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    Just watched the highlights on MotD.

    As said tough match, Spurs often seem to make it hard work beating WH.

    Indeed Lloris = excellent and Lamela is having a fine run of form this season since he came back. With Winks and Lucas looking good (even if the latter does seem to run out of steam) too the midfield starting line up is spoiled for choice.

    Have to mention MU's Martial again as a potential Spurs transfer target in January: why is it whenever Spurs, apparently, show some interest in him Mourinho suddenly notices he's actually a quality player and starts using him more? His movement, quick reaction and clinical finishing for the two goals he scored against Chelsea were top class.


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