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    I'm interested to see what is going on with Ryan Sessegnon - he's only 19 but Spurs who have been genuinely interested in him for a long time. They want to pay £25m, Fulham want £45m,............................hmmmmmmm. Time will tell.

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    We’ve announced the signing of Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon. Most places are saying that the fee is €60 million + €10 million in potential addons.

    Very happy we’ve got this one over the line, and in time for pre-season, as he’s the kind of quality player we often get linked with but don’t quite manage to sign (although I think a lot of the time that’s because the links were pure fantasy). Supposedly he was also Poch’s number one transfer for this summer, so it was extra important to make sure we got him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    I'm interested to see what is going on with Ryan Sessegnon - he's only 19 but Spurs who have been genuinely interested in him for a long time. They want to pay £25m, Fulham want £45m,............................hmmmmmmm. Time will tell.
    Haven’t heard much talk about him recently, although my Spurs transfer news pretty much all comes through Alasdair Gold these days. Once he starts tweeting or retweeting about a transfer, or a story appears on the BBC, I take it to be more than just a random rumour.

    Lo Celso from Real Betis and Ceballos from Real Madrid seem to be the biggest links at the mo (now that Clarke and Ndombele have signed).

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    Trippier has completed a move to Atletico Madrid, according to the BBC, just waiting for official conformation from Spurs.

    (Edit: Spurs have confirmed it now too)

    Always really liked Trippier, he did very well biding his time when backup to Kyle Walker, never complained, always did well when called upon, and then stepped up another level when given the chance to replace Walker as first choice. His standards did slip after the World Cup though, and he didn't have a great season last season.

    Good on Trippier for not taking a safe option and moving abroad to test himself in a different environment. An excellent club to go to as well, it'd be fun if we met them in the Champions League next season (which would be the only time I don't wish him good luck at his new club ).

    He had three years left on his contract and the move have been wrapped up pretty quickly, so obviously the club was happy to let him go (probably based on age and the fee we're getting), and either has a replacement lined up or faith in the current players in the squad. Poch has talked about how he wants to "refresh" the squad this summer and that it might mean some established players leaving as well as new ones joining.

    Apparently Rose has been left out of our pre-season tour squad so he can work on finding a new club too, and if he leaves then I expect our interest in Ryan Sessegnon might escalate.
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    My brother was a bit bemused by it, as he was the first choice now Walker left, and figures Athletico is a step down compared to where Spurs are currently. Thoughts?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    My brother was a bit bemused by it, as he was the first choice now Walker left, and figures Athletico is a step down compared to where Spurs are currently. Thoughts?
    Right now, probably yes, as we have just got to a CL final, the new stadium is pushing our finances up another level, so there’s a lot of hope we can improve again over the next five years the way we have over the previous five years. Atletico have also just lost two of their best players in Griezmann and Rodri. But...

    Atletico have sold big name players before and the skill of Simeone has seen them find excellent replacements and remain competitive. It’s only five years since they won the league, runners up the past two seasons, two CL finals in the past five years, a Europa League win... they’re no slouches and have had more on field success than we have over the same time period.

    So right now you could argue that Spurs are more likely to be “on the up”, but I personally wouldn’t say Trips has taken a “step down”, not one that should cause bemusement, at least. Atletico have been one of the best teams in Europe over the past six or seven years, and I wouldn’t bet against Atletico staying competitive with Barca and Real, and continuing to do well in the CL.

    And there can be more to a transfer than “is club A better than club B?” too. Trippier may want to experience playing abroad while he still has the chance. Spurs may have told him that we need to sell players to buy new ones and we’re willing to let him go, and Trippier might rather move than stay at a club who was prepared to let him go. Could be anything, all sorts of reasons why a player might make a move.

    Edit - comments from Trippier about the move, sounds like he simply wanted to fulfil an ambition of playing abroad and experiencing life in a different country:

    "Obviously the Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world, but when Atletico Madrid were interested I didn’t think twice.

    "It was a great opportunity for myself, my family, to come and live in Madrid and experience it.

    "Me and Mauricio (Tottenham boss Pochettino) had a conversation about my future.

    "I explained there was a big opportunity at Atletico Madrid and it was an opportunity that I didn’t want to turn down.

    "Not many British players come abroad, but I always wanted to play abroad, especially in La Liga, since I was young."
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    Yeah, it's only pre-season, but what a stunning goal this was by Kane today:

    It was a fantastic match even before that goal, not the usual stroll you often get in pre-season.

    Lots of youngsters who had good games for Spurs, especially Parrot up front who showed off some excellent hold up play for a 17 year old, and had a big part in our opening goal (not just his shot at the end, the clip below doesn't show that he was the one who set Son away in the first place). Skipp was very good in midfield too.

    Ndombele made a great start when he came on, robbing a Juve defender of the ball and playing a superb pass to Moura to assist our second goal. And, of course, Kane's last minute wonder winner.

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    Just a reminder, if anyone here does not know: the Audi Cup matches are going to be shown on ITV4 this week.

    Audi Cup fixtures live on ITV4

    Real Madrid v Tottenham Hotspur
    Tuesday 30 July, kick-off 5pm, ITV4/HD (CH 118/178)
    Bayern Munich v Fenerbahçe
    Tuesday 30 July, kick-off 7.30pm, ITV4/HD (CH 118/178)
    Third place play-off
    Wednesday 31 July, kick-off 5pm, ITV4/HD (CH 118/178)
    Wednesday 31 July, kick-off 7.30pm, ITV4/HD (CH 118/178)

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    Thanks, I hadn't realised it was on ITV4 until you mentioned it, I'd have been wasting time trying to find a dodgy stream otherwise!

    Can't ever read too much into pre-season but a good match, a good team performance, and nice to see a few youngsters getting the chance to play against such a big name opponent.

    Foyth did well at right back; he played there a couple of times at the end of last season and every match at the Copa America, so it looks like he might end up playing there permanently. Big chance to claim a first 11 spot with Trippier gone and Aurier injured.

    Lamela looked very good in the first half, I really hope he can stay injury free for the whole season. Of the youngsters on show in the second half Tananga looked good at the back, nice and composed for a youngster, and Skipp put in another good display in midfield.

    Should have got more than one goal, Parrot was very unlucky with his shot that hit the post at the end. A shame Dele didn't finish his two chances but the movement to get into the positions in the first place was excellent.

    Hopefully we'll get to play Munich in the final tomorrow!

    Edit: Bayern 5-0 up at half time, I think we might just be playing them tomorrow
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