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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    Yep you were spot on with Harry Winks - he did a good job too.

    Easy win for England today against a side that was certainly not in the same class as the Czechs.

    A lot of BS about the racist crowd trouble - if the pundits and authorities think a threat to walk the players off the pitch is going to solve the problem they're mad. Anyone could have predicted that if the Bulgarians were losing badly the bad boys amongst their supporters were going to try to disrupt the match. That is what they did.
    I think they have to do have to dish or genuinely harsh punishments to try and stop racist chanting, Nazi salutes, etc., from happening at football matches though.

    First offence, your next match is behind closed doors. If it happens again within a certain period (say, two years, something like that) your next home match is then cancelled and the points awarded to your opponents. And the same punishment after every subsequent incident from then on. I think you need something harsh like that to get the local football authorities and police serious about arresting those people, banning them from stadiums, and enforcing those bans properly in the future.

    Of course it won't solve the problem of racism, someone who spouts racist drivel at a football match is still going to be racist when they leave the stadium, whatever you do. As long as there is racism in society, there will be racist football fans. But I would approve of harsh punishments being used to see if we can at least make football stadiums a no-go area for racists.

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    Iím glad we escaped with a point but that was a pretty poor display again. The defence looked very shaky and a better team that Watford would have exploited and punished that a lot more than they did.

    Not great going forwards either, very lacklustre and a real lack of chances created. Canít think of any good chances from the first half and in the second we had Sonís excellent shot against the bar at the start, and then we looked dangerous for about 5-10 minutes at the end, but very little in-between.

    Again, glad we showed enough fight right at the end to grab a point (and hopefully the goal will do Dele Alli some good) but we needed to show the urgency and fight of the last few minutes way way earlier... maybe thatís a little unfair, I donít actually think there was a lack of effort, but it just wasnít clicking for most of the match.

    It wasnít a loss though, so fingers crossed it can end up being a small baby step forwards. Weíll need to be much better on Wednesday, and I donít even want to think too much about visiting Anfield after that

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    Just finished watching it on MotD. Lucky on that Vertongen penalty decision but DA's goal I think can be justifiable claimed as hitting his shoulder rather than arm.

    Aurier yet again was variable - on one hand putting in some good crosses and running back to defend in the first half but there was that Watford break in the second half where it was 4 on 2 in Watford's favour. Danny Rose bust a gut trying to get back but Aurier just stopped trying.

    Reminds me of Assou-Ekkotu a player I was not unhappy to see depart from Spurs.

    Tuesday Edit:-

    That's more like it - excellent result tonight against Red Star. Five goals and a clean sheet - can't complain about that.
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    It was really good, everything that had been missing from a lot of our recent displays was back. We pressed for the whole 90 mins and made so many chances from pressuring the opposition and robbing the ball from them high up the pitch. Lots of fast, clever movement from the attacking players so we always had multiple good options to try and get through to the goal. Better finishing and we could have added another four of five goals to those we did get; Kane, Son and Lamela could all have had hat-tricks. Far more concentrated and solid at the back too, though we'll be tested by far better attacks than Red Star, it was still good to see.

    Kane, Son, Lamela and Ndombele were all superb. Dele Alli had an excellent if understated game, he wasn't doing the eye-catching stuff that the other four were but he was a vital cog in knitting our attacks together, and got a deserved ovation when he went off. Good to see Foyth and Lo Celso getting back onto the pitch too, hopefully Sessegnon isn't too far behind them.

    I thought I'd post the highlights from BT Sport in case you haven't seen them:

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    Thanks, ^ much appreciated.

    ........just finished watching it - all really good goals, particularly liked the first Son goal, as Glen Hoddle said, the ground he made up to get to the cross was incredible. Also liked that diagonal run from HK across the path of Ndombele for the second Son goal which clearly dragged two defenders away. HK's second goal was pure class too.


    Just seen the highlights from the Southampton versus Leicester match last night, 0-9. Incredible - somebody here is going to be pleased.

    Liverpool for Spurs tomorrow: always a tough game historically and on their current form if we come away with any points it'll be a decent result. Like to pay them back for the CL final though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    Just seen the highlights from the Southampton versus Leicester match last night, 0-9. Incredible - somebody here is going to be pleased.

    Liverpool for Spurs tomorrow: always a tough game historically and on their current form if we come away with any points it'll be a decent result. Like to pay them back for the CL final though.
    That Southampton vs Leicester match was amazing. Fun fact, there have only been two 9-0 results in the Premier League, and a Schmeichel was in goal for the winning team both times.

    Can't argue that Liverpool didn't deserve the win today. Brilliant start for us, and for the first ten minutes we were playing a good game and looking dangerous on the break and keeping Liverpool at bay, but the next 80 minutes was basically all Liverpool, with Gazza pulling off some great saves to keep us in it. A real shame that Son hit the bar with the chance he had right at the start of the second half, a two goal cushion would have given us a real boost.

    We did rally a bit after going 2-1 down and had a couple of chances to equalise right near the end, a great opening for Rose and a header for Toby at the death, but we couldn't snatch anything. As I said, Liverpool clearly deserved the win, but it's annoying that after keeping them out we gift them a penalty for the winner; even more annoying that Aurier did really well and actually won the ball but then somehow gave it away again and committed the foul anyway

    Edit: hopefully the above doesn't sound like I'm saying we were rubbish, because we weren't, there were quite a few positives. The keeper was excellent, the centre-backs were solid and defended really well (Liverpool mostly got in by exploiting the full-backs, neither of whom were good defensively), Son, Kane and Sissoko had good moments, Winks and Dele didn't have amazing games but both worked really hard.

    Eriksen was well off form again though. Our counter attacking would have troubled Liverpool much more but there were at least four good attacks that broke down because Eriksen played a poor pass. After Lamela's great performance against Red Star, I wonder if he would have started instead of Eriksen had he not failed a very late fitness test.

    Right now, if Lamela stays fit, and when Lo Celso gains his match fitness, I would personally play them ahead of Eriksen every time. Give the minutes to those who are likely to be here next season, not those who are 99% certain to leave. I don't mind someone like Dele being given a lot of game time so he can play his way back into form, as we'll benefit from that in the long run, but with a player who's leaving... I'm not sure it's worth it.
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    Can't disagree with anything said. Spurs played well enough against Liverpool but did not take the few additional chances they had.

    Pity, I was hoping for a draw rather than losing but can not argue that Liverpool did not deserve to win despite the fact Spurs played pretty well throughout. Just not quite good enough...........................yet.

    Eriksen looked and has looked for some time a shadow of himself at his best.

    I didn't know who had given away the penalty until MotD but when I just saw the final score earlier and that there had been a penalty my very first thought was: I bet it was Aurier. Hated being right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    Just seen the highlights from the Southampton versus Leicester match last night, 0-9. Incredible - somebody here is going to be pleased.
    Hah, yeah (late reply I know)... the missus' Sky box had the match available and as she had an early night (last week was terrible in general) I settled down to watch the game live before going to bed myself. After 20 minutes wow... one of those I couldn't believe what I was seeing moments! Still not as good as winning the league... sorry guys
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Hopefully the Gomes injury is something that looks worse than it really is, but the reactions of the players who looked at his leg make it seem like it's something pretty horrific. I hope he can recover ASAP.

    I don't think Son was at fault though and shouldn't have had his yellow upgraded to a red. I thought at the time that it seemed like a straight forward foul that deserved a yellow card, and the injury was a freak occurrence. At first I thought the injury was probably caused when Gomes collided with Aurier, but Don Hutchinson who was at the game just tweeted this:

    "I’ve just been in to see the injury again. Son not a fault for the injury (yellow card for a normal foul) Andre Gomez ankle gets trapped underneath him and the injury happens before the collision with S Aurier."

    So I'd hope they take a look at the Son red and chalk it off.

    The game itself was a pretty poor one, not much quality on show from either side, aside from Alli's lovely goal. It's a shame we couldn't hold on for the win, but it was gonna be tough with ten men against a fired up Everton. Hopefully we can have another good showing in Europe and beat Red Star again and finally get back to winning ways in the league against Sheffield Utd (although they are flying high at the moment so that's going to be a tough match).

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    Yes, unfortunate incident but whilst Son's foul may have lead to the injury the foul itself was in no way worthy of a red card applied after the event. It was not dangerously reckless just badly timed. Hugely unfair.

    The rest of the game was disappointing with the exception of, as you say, DA's excellent goal. To give two points away for a draw is a result that is not what Spurs needed. Lower half of the table, behind MU - not at all the sort of position we should be in about a third of the way through the season.


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