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    Talk of Spurs getting in a German manager from RB Leipzig: Julian Nagelsmann.

    When I first heard they were interested in a German my immediate thought Jurgen Klinsmann but I don't think that is ever going to happen.

    However this Nagelsmann guy doesn't sound too bad at all but I doubt he'll be appointed before the end of the Premiership season and there's a huge question mark over whether he'd want to leave RB Leipzig for the Spurs job whatever the pay offered.

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    Yup, he seems to be the big favourite and there were quite a few rumours of Spurs being interested a couple of months before Mourinho was even sacked.

    He's done very well in his career so far: in his first job took over Hoffenheim half way through a season when they looked certs to go down, kept them up, then massively overachieved by getting them into the Champions League for the following two seasons. Got his move to Red Bull, finished 3rd and made the CL semi-final in his first season, and this season they're currently 2nd and the closest challengers to Bayern Munich, despite having to overcome having star striker Timo Werner sold to Chelsea during the summer. And all his teams have played open, attractive, attacking football.

    The last few weeks the rumours have been that he's very open to coming to Spurs, lure of the Premier League, our great stadium and training ground, etc., but the fly in the ointment now is the situation at Bayern Munich; coach has fallen out with the director of football, has offered his resignation (not yet accepted by Bayern) but if it is their number one target is expected to be... Julian Nagelsmann. And if it does come down to a straight choice for him between us and Bayern, it seems highly unlikely he'd pick us.

    But you never know, Munich may sort out their problems and not need a new coach, or maybe part of the reason we sacked Mourinho "early" is so we could make an offer to Nagelsmann asap and try and tempt him to sign before the Munich job is officially available.

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    I was put off Nagelsmann to begin with because one of the first things I read about him is that in his early coaching days he was known as the 'Mini Mourinho'. But it seems other younger, successful EU football coaches are lumbered with that description too and, as you pointed out, his style is rather different.

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    What's funny is that he's a young, up and coming German coach, known for playing attacking football. So they have the very obvious, lazy, easy option of just calling him "mini Klopp" or "the next Klopp" (which would actually be somewhat accurate) and they still opt for a worse description that makes much less sense!

    Funnily enough, his story and Ryan Mason's story is a very similar one too. Both professional players, both had their career cut shot by injury, both got into coaching at a very young age because of that, both got their first management job by taking over from a manager who was sacked part way through the season (Nagelsmann at 28 and Mason at 29).

    Hopefully the similarities can continue with with both of them starting off with unexpectedly good results: Nagelsmann saving Hoffenheim from the drop, Mason getting Spurs into the top four and winning a cup! Might as well be optimistic

    Post match edit: Get in! A definite game of two halves today as we were pretty poor in the first half and Southampton were well on top and much the better side. Still should have equalised at the death with a great chance for Lucas though.

    Second half was much much better, Spurs on top for the whole half, looked much more up for it and on the front foot, created some good chances and deservedly got the win. Beautiful goal from Bale, and what would have been a great goal from Son if not chalked off for Lucas being offside and blocking the view of the keeper. Luckily we got the reward for our good play with the penalty at the death to get all three points.

    As crap as the first half was, it was encouraging to see the players and manager being able to turn it around. So so happy that Ryan Mason was able to get off to a winning start as well.
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    Yes, very useful result and there are some games coming up which if they go 'our' way could be helpful to Spurs' end of season league position too.

    We have to hope West Brom beat Leicester today (sorry resident Leicester fans - it has to happen ) and Arsenal do us a favour and beat Everton on Friday as the latter have two games in hand over us.

    Then on Saturday, ideally, we need Chelsea and West Ham to draw.

    Too much to hope that Newcastle will do anything useful against Liverpool but there is that possibility by the end of Sunday (2nd May) Leicester, Chelsea, WH, Liverpool and us all ending up on 56 points. Then goal difference will be key and our next scheduled Premiership game is on that Sunday against ........................................Sheffield Utd.

    It going to be tight and most likely won't happen as it relies on too many other teams stumbling but there is still that outside chance we could finish third at the end of the season.

    Too much to ask; as expected WBA were given a spanking by Leicester and helped improve their GD significantly too. We will definitely need to do the same to SU now.
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    First half was full on Man City dominance, we road our luck that they weren't more accurate with their shooting but also kept them out with some good defensive blocks and a couple of good saves from Lloris. Can't fault the defensive effort and it was a big plus to get to half time at 0-0.

    Second half we made more of a game of it, actually went forward ourselves and looked better. City were still the better side, but we were making a decent fist of it and making them worry that we might nick something. Around 20 minutes in the stats showed that we'd had the ball in their final third as much as they'd had it in ours.

    I think our subs turned the game for the worse (though I'm loath to criticise Mason when he has no experience and was thrown in at the deep end). Lo Celso had been improving as the match went on and was starting to pick out passes through their lines, and Moura had been the most lively looking of our attackers the whole match, so seeing them both subbed off was surprising.

    Bringing on a fresh Bale against a tiring defence is a fine idea, but it should have been for Son, who was having an off day. If Lo Celso was tired then bring on Ndombele or Dele to keep the attacking impetus, not Sissoko. As soon as we made those subs, the game became much more like the first half again and we lost the foothold we'd had.

    A bit annoying though that when we finally let in a goal, it's to a set piece rather than some magical Man City play. Sissoko was with their goalscorer the whole time and for some reason decided not to bother jumping with him when he headed it. Maybe the City player would have still got his head to it, but at least if you jump with them there's a chance it puts them off balance, distracts them, etc..

    At least a 1-0 defeat by a late goal was better expected, but still, there's little good about losing a cup final. Also, if we'd lost by 3 or 4 it would have really hammered the confidence, so hopefully the players can pick themselves up for the run in and finish as high up the league as possible.

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    Agree about the subs, Moura was perhaps tiring but he was our most lively player and I think cynically fouled at least twice when making a threatening run with the ball to start a counter attack. He was clearly considered dangerous.

    From the post match stuff on the BBC you'd think Spurs had a lousy day and it was a complete disaster with every major player ready to leave a sinking ship. A post Super League debacle kicking. But that's not what I saw from the highlights on Quest.

    First half it looked as though we were just holding on, very poor with nobody showing any spark but second half was much better.

    In the end we lose only to one goal against the best team in the UK, a side widely regarded as the best team and squad in Europe. Losing was not unexpected but we at least got to another final and did not go down to an embarrassing score. Lloris's good form was possibly a reason for that but it is what he's there for.

    What Spurs now have to do is put Sheffield United to sword in the next Premiership match - its our best chance of improving our GD significantly which I think is going to be crucial to our final position at the end of the season. I'll be more disappointed if we don't win by at least two goals than us losing the 'League Cup' final.
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    It seems to be the way of the modern world that everything is either fantastic or a complete disaster, a lot of people don't seem to believe there's anything in-between those two extremes

    Nagelsmann is now off the table as a managerial candidate as Bayern Munich announced this morning that he'll be joining them next season. Would have been interesting to see him here (and the football would have been entertaining) but there was only going to be one outcome once Bayern Munich were interested in him.

    The Ajax manager Erik ten Hag now seems to be the name generating the most rumours for the Spurs job. Could definitely be a good appointment: his teams play attractive attacking football, he got Ajax dominating again after four years without a title, got them overachieving in Europe with the run to the CL semi-finals (winning away against Juventus and Real Madrid to knock them out, so he can win big matches against tough opponents), and he's kept Ajax's standards up despite half his team being sold after that CL run.

    There's always the "But can he do it outside of the Netherlands?" question with Dutch managers / players, but I think his record in Europe helps alleviate that worry. I think of all the (realistic) names mentioned, he'd probably be my preferred choice at the mo.

    edit: well, forget that, Ajax have just announced he's signed a one year contract extension with them. Better start mentioning managers I don't want us to have, as managers seem to be ruled out right after mentioning them on here
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    Good win, four fantastic goals, and most importantly, I had a fiver on us to win 4-0 at 12/1

    That's all we can do until the end of the season, win our matches and hope for the best. I can't see Chelsea slipping up enough for fourth to be a likely possibility (though they do have a couple of tough matches) but you never know. Pretty much the same as the end of last season, I'll now be happy if we can do enough to keep our run of top 6 finishes going, and treat anything more as a bonus.

    9 Premier League goals in 16 appearances for Bale now, and only 7 of those appearances have been starts. In terms of minutes per goal, it's better than a goal a game, 1 goal per 81 minutes.

    You look at some of the top players around him on the goalscoring charts: Sterling 9 in 28, Mahrez 9 in 25, Rashford 10 in 33, Mane 8 in 30... and you wonder where he might be on that chart if he'd been given a run of games right from the start of the season, to get his match fitness up to speed ASAP. Ah well.

    Good match from Son who improved on his recent patchy form, and an "on night" from Aurier who was excellent, two lovely assists for Bale.

    Can't believe the Sheffield Utd player wasn't sent off for the stamp onto Lo Celso's face. You could see from the replay that it wasn't just a continuation of his natural foot movement, he adjusted to make sure he caught Lo Celso. At least it's happened in a match where we won easily anyway, and thankfully Lo Celso is okay, but that could have been very nasty.

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    I was going to post yesterday about what was pretty much the perfect result I'd hoped for. Congrats on the bet win - I was expecting 3-0 and anything above that a bonus.

    Indeed great goals, particularly GB's first; that chip from Aurier with Bale moving into the space at just the right time, the quick look whilst still running that GB made to see where the goalkeeper was and the finish was all sublimely good attacking football.

    The Lo Celso incident - yes red card for me. One of those cases where I'd accept the initial deliberate intention wasn't to scrape his studs down the players face. But the guy made no obvious effort to prevent that happening - oops I stepped on your face accidentally; not a credible excuse.
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