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    No contest if is just a straight choice, it has to be Villa. I'd like to see both though.

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    Looks like Paulinho is definitely on the way, Corinthians have held a press conference and they and he announced that he's leaving and will be joining Spurs.

    Nothing official from Spurs yet but they may be waiting for him to arrive in England and pass the medical before making any announcement.

    A part of me thinks until I see it on the official web site I shouldn't celebrate but it looks pretty much done considering that press conference. Get in David Villa as well and I will need a change of underwear

    New kit launches next Monday too.

    More Paulinho stuff, in English this time -
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    So Paulinho's having his medical today. I imagine he'll be presented - hopefully alongside another signing (Villa?) - at the launch of the new kit on Monday.

    Re: Paulinho, I watched a lot of him last year when Corinthians won the Copa Libertadores - South America's Champions League - and think he is a superb signing.

    For his club he has generally played as one of two central midfielders, but with license to get forward as both of their full backs are quite conservative and hold station to cover. He is a lot more active in forward areas at club level than for the national team.

    He is strong, good the tackle, hard working and covers a lot of ground. Once he wins the ball he drives forward with pace and power, committing defenders and usually showing good awareness to play the ball on to a free team-mate.

    He's basically a super charged Dembele who also makes good off-the-ball forward runs and is strong in the air. He has all the right attributes to succeed in the Premier League, and with him and Sandro in the same midfield, I can't imagine many teams are going to enjoy facing us next season.

    As you say, I think his signing probably indicates that we will switch to a 4-3-3 formation next season. Again seen us linked with Pjanic today, which for me would complete the ideal 4-3-3 midfield: a destroyer (Sandro), a passer (Pjanic) and a box-to-boxer (Paulinho). With Holtby and Dembele providing cover for the latter two roles, that would mean keeping one of Huddlestone, Livermore and Parker to cover the deeper role.

    Baldini looks to have hit the ground running and these are exciting times at the moment. The potential capture of those two young Croatians is also highly promising. Been a while since we've plucked some good young talent from overseas (Sandro not withstanding).

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    The Paulinho signing is an exciting start to the summer and we've got it done (barring anything horrible turning up in the medical) nice and early so he'll have a proper pre-season with the team. Quite satisfying to see grumblings from other fans unhappy that he's gone to Spurs

    If we can get a top class striker in reasonably early as well (fingers well and truly crossed for David Villa or someone of similar quality) then our chances of doing well in the upcoming season are looking good.

    It's a long shot but I'm hoping for a season ticket offer this summer. There are 500 new ST available this summer and I'm 4,616th on the waiting list, so if only one person in every ten ahead of me on the list accepts when offered... yeah, like I said, long shot! I'm sure that with the current economic circumstances there will be some people who won't be able to afford a ST if offered, but, probably not enough that they'll get as far down on the list as me.

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    That's my weekend off to a good start

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    where are the strikers though? I'll be gutted if ade's still there come end of the window (yes i've started already lol)

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    According to the newspaper gossip Spurs are trying to get rid of Adebayor, I think the last time I read anything about it there was some Turkish club apparently interested.

    Good news about Paulinho signing that's for sure. Just hope he delivers.

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    New kits (no third kit yet):

    Glad we're back with blue shorts and socks (don't mind all white kits on the odd occasion but it really should be reserved for Europe). Not sure if I like the collar on the home kit or the colour of the away kit, but, in the end, who really gives a toss what the kit looks like as long as we're winning matches?

    Edit: Boo, no David Villa for us, he's on his way to Atletico Madrid. I wonder how much we were actually in for him and how much was pure speculation and paper talk? If we were genuinley in for him I think he'd have picked Atl Madrid over us anyway; he gets to stay in Spain and they have Champions League football.

    Ah well, never mind, I'm sure there will soon be a new target for speculation and rumours
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    David Villa staying in Spain isn't a surprise. I'm pretty sure I remember him saying, on numerous occasions that he didn't want to play in the Premier League. Other European leagues might have been an option but I'm certain he never wanted to come to England.

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    I haven't seen those quotes but even without them I'd have thought a Spanish club with European football would have been ahead of us in the queue. The papers and football web sites though, only ever mentioned Spurs and Fiorentina bidding for him, not a mention of Atletico Madrid until the day he signed for them... fingers on the pulse as usual!

    The new target for rumour and speculation has arrived though, thanks to Benteke handing in a transfer request to Aston Villa. Already seen one journalist saying that he prefers a move to Chelsea while one at another paper has said that Spurs would be his preferred destination. It's almost as if they make most of it up and hope they get lucky

    As I said in a previous post though, I can't see us paying what Aston Villa will want for him. We just broke our transfer record to sign Paulinho for ?17 million, I can't see us breaking it twice in the same summer and stumping up ?25 million ish for Benteke. Unless he's worried about being on the bench too much, we don't stand much chance if a CL club bid for him either.


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