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    I don't think there was any doubt that they would, but Haringey Council have official approved the capacity of our new stadium being increased from 61,559 to 62,062.

    Spurs have also released a new video of Ledley King having a butchers at the concourses inside the new stadium and talking about the flooring, which uses material from the original White Hart Lane.

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    And we've just seen why Trippier should start every big game ahead of Aurier - brilliant cross for the goal!

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    Absolutely gutted by the result last night by proud of our performances in the competition overall this season. After last season's limp exit at the group stage, we topped the hardest group which few people gave us a chance of progressing from and were then rewarded with probably the toughest second round opponent. Just didn't quite have the nous and experience to get through against Juve. A great improvement on the previous year though, and that's what you hope for, to improve and get better each year.

    Two matches against Juve, two against Dortmund, two against Real Madrid, three wins and only one defeat. Loads of great positives they can take from this season's run in the CL. Our players should have learned a lot in both victory and defeat so hopefully we can get back into the CL again and improve again next season.

    What last night and the first leg showed is that you really have to make it count when you're on top and you can't switch off for a second when your opponent is in the ascendancy, against top level opposition. I think we had more possession in both matches, more shots in both matches and more shots on target in both matches. I'd say we were in charge and looked the better side for 75-80 minutes in both matches... but Juve, especially last night, really made their brief period on top count, while we didn't take full advantage when we were on top.

    But we so nearly took it to extra time, it was gut-wrenching when Kane's last minute header hit the post and then bobbled agonisingly along the line before being cleared. Thems the breaks though. Feels a bit harsh on our players but if we had put in the performance that Juve had tonight we'd be calling in a masterclass in staying in a match, taking your chances, and grinding out the result you need, so hats off to them. I'd like to see them go on and win it so Buffon can finally grab the one trophy that's eluded him.

    Back to domestic matches! The players need to pick themselves up and bounce right back with a result this weekend. No distractions now, give everything to finish in the top four and go all out to win the FA Cup. COYS!

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    Oh man, what happened last night? We were coasting, really, and one tactical change and two substitutions did for us. Juve showed real grit and determination in shutting us out, and had the sheer confidence in that ability to shut up shop, making no attempt at all to get a third goal. We nearly got ourselves back level with Kane's header, but it wasn't to be.

    And so, what to make of it all. Of course, we're now labelled in the media as bottlers, naive and not good enough - but did people really think we were going to be winning the CL this year? An outside chance, at best, which would have looked better had we beaten Juve. But it's completely rubbish to write the team off because of last night. Instead, look at the improvement in the team compared to last year's poor showing - we've drawn with and beaten Real Madrid, beat Dortmund home and away, and probably should today be saying we've knocked out Juventus. And that's with little investment on top of last year's squad.

    Hopefully the team react to this how they responded last year to the West Ham defeat that ended our (again, slim) chances of winning the league, when they went unbeaten and secured 2nd. There is still an FA Cup to go for, to end this 'haven't won anything' tag; and finishing in the top four is also achievable, but will be quickly taken away by Chelsea if we drop points in the next couple of games. Then it's CL football in our new home next season, with a squad hopefully improved by last night's experience.
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    Good win today, although we weren't at our best (especially in the first half) and I think 4-1 was a bit harsh on Bournemouth. They gave us quite a few problems throughout the match, especially at the beginning, they started really really well, and while it was only 2-1 there was always a worry that they could nick something as they were dangerous on the break and from set pieces.

    We did deserve the win though, and the second half performance was better, Eriksen played really well and pulled all the strings.

    Obviously the Kane injury is a concern, but Son has proved before (and today!) that he's an able deputy up front. Hopefully he isn't out for too long and if there's any silver lining, at least there's an international break coming up to reduce the number of games he misses.

    Edit: TonyDA, I think Aurier must have read your comment the other day because he put in a fantastic cross for our equaliser
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    Not too bothered about Kane - he hasn't scored for three games, so it's obvious teams have worked him out. Much prefer the idea of Llorente leading the line for the next few weeks....

    (Removes tongue from cheek.. )

    If any key player were to pick up an injury, now is just about the right time - Swansea next week, then two weeks off for the international break. Should Harry have the kind of problem which means he misses next weekend, but is back for Chelsea on April 1st, that could work in our favour in terms of getting a rest as he'll be run into the ground for England in two friendly matches.

    Pleased with the result today. I didn't see the match and only saw the score at three points - 1-0, half time (1-1) and full time - so was pleased to see the character of the team in terms of responding to Juventus, going behind, losing Kane and then winning convincingly (even if it was flattering).

    And Son Heung-min is my hero!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJG1980 View Post
    Edit: TonyDA, I think Aurier must have read your comment the other day because he put in a fantastic cross for our equaliser
    All part of my Jedi mind skills. You'll have seen I've just done similar to get Harry better quickly, and back to scoring goals.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    Thanks for the update. If you get in there, take a screengrab of the main seating plan anyhow please, just in case
    Here you go, interactive 3D map of the stadium + view from every seat:

    Plus a load of info here if anyone's interested:

    Now I've gotta go through the season ticket renewal PDF and see how much they're gonna fleece me for a seat next season

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    Cheers... what seats actually get used for the NFL, will have to see...!
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    Cheers... what seats actually get used for the NFL, will have to see...!
    There are no changes in seating between the NFL and football modes of the stadium, they use the full capacity for both sports.

    At Wembley they don't sell the first 15 or so rows of the lower tier because you wouldn't be able to see over the heads of all the people standing on the sidelines of an NFL game, the seats are too low.

    At the new Spurs stadium as the NFL pitch is about two metres below the football pitch (the football pitch slides out and is stored under the south stand) so they don't have that problem. In NFL mode, the front row is well above the height of the pitch so you get an unrestricted view, no need to tarp off any seats.


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