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    Given a bit of hope by Leicester losing yesterday, and got it taken away again by our poor performance against Leeds today. Can't complain about the result, Leeds were the better team throughout and Lloris had to pull off a number of good saves. Defence was really poor, midfield was out-battled and out-passed, and the attackers were isolated and struggled to have an impact.

    We were quite unlucky with the Kane goal being ruled out in the first half that would have put us 2-1 up against the run of play; it was so tight that when they were drawing the lines onscreen to check we all thought it looked like they'd drawn the Kane line behind the defender's line, so he was onside, but then it flashed up "offside" and we couldn't work it out.

    It has to be changed for next season because the system doesn't have enough precision to rule on such tight offside calls. There's something like a 10cm margin of error yet they're giving offsides down to the millimetre.

    I don't know if they actually implemented it, but I heard that the Dutch were thinking of drawing much thicker lines on the screen, and if they overlapped, they'd say it was too close to call and go with the on-field decision. That'd be better than what we have now.

    It's not an excuse though, if we'd been given that goal but still carried on playing the same way I doubt we'd have held on to that lead for too long. That surely has to be it for any lingering Champions League hopes though.

    With Chelsea and Leicester both having very tough remaining fixtures (and having to play each other which guarantees at least one of them to drop more points), I've a feeling that West Ham are going to get a top four spot. If they beat Everton in their next match, I reckon they'll do it, they have a very favourable run in after that. And fair play to them if they do.

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    Very disappointing today indeed.

    I wouldn't rule out Liverpool getting that fourth place, edging WH into fifth. They have a game in hand over them and two over us. But Leicester City can't feel too secure either after losing to Newcastle and with matches against MU, Chelsea and us to come.

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    It's an intriguing top four battle. It's just a shame we couldn't have won and made it even more intriguing by keeping our outside chance alive!

    You can't write off Liverpool, but I think West Ham have the advantage as they're a point ahead of Liverpool on equal games now, and have the easier (on paper) remaining fixtures.

    One possible mitigation is that with Man Utd having a fixture pile up, they're almost certainly going to play weakened teams against Liverpool and Leicester. Villa today, then one day rest, Leicester on Tuesday, one day rest, Liverpool on Thursday. I reckon full strength against Villa to get the three points that gaurantees them top four, then reserve sides against Liverpool and Leicester to protect their players for the Europa League final. If I was Man Utd, I wouldn't be risking any important players in those two matches.

    I still be very worried if I was Leicester though. If West Ham and Liverpool don't drop points then Leicester are going to need 7 points from 9 in matches against Man Utd, Chelsea and Us. And despite our very up and down form of the past several months, if there's a chance that us winning could hand West Ham a Champions League spot, don't bet against Spurs putting in a brilliant performance on that final day to help out West Ham! We'd never hear the end of it

    Everton tonight though is the big one for West Ham. Everton have a fantastic away record (10 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses) so it could be a very tough match. Get a win against them and West Ham will be flying going into their final three matches.

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    Everton indeed did the business aganst WH but it is moot whether that's to Spurs advantage as Everton are now are only one point behind us and a game in hand. If they win that they'll be on equal points with WH and only behind them on goal difference.

    That Leeds loss for Spurs is looking even more costly now. We would have been sitting in fifth place only a win and and draw behind Leicester and three games to go including that one against them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    That Leeds loss for Spurs is looking even more costly now. We would have been sitting in fifth place only a win and and draw behind Leicester and three games to go including that one against them.
    Yeah, it's very annoying. Even if we win all three of our remaining games, if the teams above us (and Everton with their game in hand) don't drop points, it'd only be good enough to finish eighth. When it's so tight those three dropped points make a big difference.

    No real news yet on who our possible next manager might be. I'm certain the press have no idea at all because almost every day brings a new "it could be this guy!" unsubstantiated rumour. If they had a clue you'd expect constant stories about the same two or three names.

    Over the last week or so I've seen "Spurs make contact with," or "Spurs interested in," stories for:

    Brendan Rogers
    Graham Potter
    Scott Parker
    Roberto Martinez
    Christophe Galtier (Lille coach)
    Oliver Glasner (Wolfsburg coach)
    Sergio Conceicao (Porto coach)
    Gian Piero Gasperini (Atalanta coach)
    Simone Inzaghi (Lazio coach)
    Ralf Rangnick (veteran German coach)
    Antonio Conte (Inter's finances are a mess, rumours of unpaid players and Conte on the verge of quitting)

    And probably a few more besides that I've forgotten!

    A couple of weeks ago I put a fiver on it being Seville manager Julen Lopetegui at 25/1. No insight, just looked at the list and picked someone who I liked, that played good football, was gettable, seemed like the type of manager we might go for, and had odds that made it worthwhile

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    Well you were right, weaker Man U team and a Foxes victory!
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    Well you were right, weaker Man U team and a Foxes victory!
    Yup, great result for Leicester, will certainly allow you to unclench your cheeks a bit after the previous two results

    You'll be liking Man Utd even more if they play a stronger team against Liverpool on Thursday and beat them.

    Should be a nice boost going into the cup final too. I hope you beat Chelsea as a win for them means they go one ahead of Spurs in FA Cup wins (the horror!), and also, well, just because they're Chelsea!

    Edit: Ah, Chelsea vs Arsenal tonight. Come on Chelsea! What? No, I'd never say a bad word about you...
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