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    Tottenham Hotspur FC 2013/14

    Need to start a new one as the old was too big and impressive.
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    Had me worried there for a bit, I thought there was some serious Spurs hate going on.

    Thanks a lot Wigan - held us to a hard fought draw but managed to get themselves well relegated by Arsenal and highly likely stuff up Spurs chances of a top four finish. We only have ourselves to blame really, we should have been home and dry by now with all the missed goal scoring opportunities we had earlier in the season. Shows how important those missed chances for a win and consequent dropped points can be at the finish.

    But you look at our goal scored/conceded stats compared to Arsenal, Chelsea and Man.Utd then 5th place, if that is what we end up getting, is a fair result for the season. Just damned dissappointing.

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    It was always going to be harder to get top four this season than last. Chelsea finishing 6th last year was a blip that was unlikely to be repeated.

    It's been such a positive season in so many ways. Considering the players we lost to other clubs, retirement and injury, to at worst match the points total from the previous season is a really great effort from AVB and the players. If we can win our final match we'll have our record points total for the Premier League era.

    It'll be so unlucky if we get to 72 points but still don't get CL football. Even 69 is usually good enough for fourth, 72 points (or its equivalent in a 42 game season) has been good enough in every single PL season.

    Maybe the luck will be with us for once and 72 points will be good enough if we can beat Sunderland and Arsenal can have a bad day against Newcastle. Any chance we can find out what hotel Arsenal are going to be staying in and ship some dodgy lasagne up there?

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    Have to say here well done to Chelsea for winning the Europa League. But that so should have been us; I said months ago a Spurs versus Benfica final would have been an old school classic but Chelsea nicked our glory.

    Still next season, if Spurs haven't got into the Champions League, I'm sure the good run and experience we gained this year will count for a lot in the Europa League again. AVB has shown he's treats it seriously, unlike HR did, so maybe it will be our best chance of significant silverware.

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    Yup, well done Chelsea, I would have loved that to have been Spurs. A top four finish might be the be all and end all of modern football, but nothing beats a cup final win for that one off moment of joy that sticks with you for years.

    Harry always maintained that taking the EL seriously while simultaneously sustaining a top four challenge in the PL was impossible for Spurs. I admit that I bought into that line of thinking but AVB has certainly shown it to be untrue. If we are to play in Europe's second competition next season then this season's experience will definitely have done us good (actually it will have done us good no matter what).

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    A bittersweet final day of a bittersweet season. Classic Spurs that we manage to achieve our record Premier League points total in the one season in the past twenty years (and probably longer!) when it's not good enough for a top four finish

    Ah well, what can you do? I didn't think we'd match last season's points total after selling Modric and having to adapt to a new manager, so to beat it is a brilliant effort from the club.

    I'm so glad that AVB has proven the naysayers from the start of the season wrong. Extremely happy to have him as our manager and if the club can bring in the quality players he wants during the summer I'm confident we can do even better next season. Fully deserved the loud chanting for him during the lap of honour after the match.

    Balls, now there's no more (proper) football until the middle of August! Looking forward to it already

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    Spurs not making the top 4 makes me sad. :/

    Arsenal have become the new Ajax. They'll be saying goodbye to their better players in the summer and be consistently average in the CL.

    Spurs would have at least given it a proper go!

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    Spurs did their job today, eventually, but it was expecting Newcastle to be motivated enough to hold Arsenal to a draw let alone get a win.Shame the season ended up like this; as HE says a huge and praise worthy points total and some great performance but nothing to show for it. I was never bothered by Modric going but with VdeV lost as well I was worried by the lack of quality in the midfield. But that turned out not to be the problem, far from it. It was putting the many chances we did have away, as in the Wigan game. That cost Spurs and if they don't get in at least one additional top notch striker for next season I'd be amazed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kit View Post
    Spurs not making the top 4 makes me sad. :/

    Arsenal have become the new Ajax. They'll be saying goodbye to their better players in the summer and be consistently average in the CL.

    Spurs would have at least given it a proper go!
    Winning 2-0 at Bayern and going out on away goals not enough of a go?

    Unlucky Spurs. Record points totals for club and 5th is nothing to be said about.

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    The game was done and dusted at the emirates. I've wanted arsenal to do well for many years in europe but the fact is they've become a feeder club like ajax.


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