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    Reports yesterday which sound hugely unlikely is that Poch was seriously considering a come back to Spurs but there's plenty of gossip on the web today which suggests the claim might have some credibilty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    Reports yesterday which sound hugely unlikely is that Poch was seriously considering a come back to Spurs but there's plenty of gossip on the web today which suggests the claim might have some credibilty.
    I'd love to have him back here. If we can get a shift on and appoint him before the end of the day it would be very apt, as the first time we appointed him in was on 27th May 2014

    I saw various rumours on forums a couple of days ago about Poch and Antonio Conte emerging as serious contenders for the Spurs job (and promptly put a bet on both before the odds dropped!), more rumours late last night and today the Poch stuff has exploded. Once the BBC start reporting something, which they have, I take it seriously as they don't usually put anything on their news pages that are only at the "rumours" stage.

    Before our performances dropped in the last 8-9 months of his first stint, he was talking about how the club needed a 'painful rebuild' to keep things, that we had to start doing things differently if we wanted to keep progressing. One of his quotes was something along the lines of "You can build a fantastic house, but you still need to fill it with the best furniture".

    If he is coming back then I think it's tantamount to Levy saying "You were right, I was wrong, should have backed you for a rebuild and not hired Mourinho." I don't think Poch would come back without assurances that things he wanted changed last time would be implemented this time around. It'll be interesting to see if we have a clearout of players this summer like we did when he first arrived in 2014. IF he does come back!

    Edit: for what it's worth, if Conte and Poch are both serious contenders for the job I would be very happy with either. The choice of my head would be Conte as he's one of the best around right now, has just won yet another league title, knows the Premier League and has won it recently. Heart says Poch because, well, it's Poch, the romance of him coming back "home" can't be denied, the first match with him back in the stadium would be amazing (and he is an excellent coach too).

    Plus as long as it's one of them, I'll be just over £100 up on my various manager bets! After all the talk today it'll probably end up being neither of them
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    Really bad to watch it almost as it happened: Christian Eriksen collapsing during the Denmark v. Finland game only a few minutes ago.

    I turned on the TV to see if there were any goals and whether it was worth watching and then that happens. Terrible for his family, friends and colleagues amongst whom must be a large number of people at Spurs. Not least HK and all the Spurs players still at the club and ex-Spurs players who played alongside him for many seasons and probably count him as a friend.

    Just want the outcome to be positive but when you see someone being given that sort of medical treatment in situ you fear the worst even when you're hoping for the best.

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    I feared the worst, flashbacks to the Fabrice Muamba incident at White Hart Lane 7 or 8 years ago.

    There has been some positive sounding news coming out though: UEFA tweeted that his condition had been stabilised, and the Danish FA tweeted that he was awake in hospital and awaiting further tests. Didn't expect it after what happened on the pitch but HOPEFULLY the positive news will keep on coming.

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    Good to see he's improving now but I suspect it will be a long road to full recovery.

    Watched the Wales versus Turkey match yesterday; particularly with three Spurs players on the pitch I'll happily cheer them on unless they're playing England.

    Damned entertaining game with everything you want from a British team: stalwart defending, everyone putting in a shift with skillful, lightning fast counter attacks, flashes of genius, not just from GB and plenty of incidents like his missed penalty and even a bit of argy-bargy to spice things up. Good stuff.

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    Yup, it was a very good match, and I think the tournament as a whole has had more good matches than bad so far, hopefully it continues!

    I thought Rodon had a really good game, I continue to be impressed with him whenever he plays. If there was one thing I was disappointed with in Ryan Mason's short stint in charge, it's that he dropped Rodon from the team after he'd started to get a few consecutive starts under his belt at the end of Mourhino's reign. It'll be interesting to see if the new manager (whoever that ends up being) sees him as a first eleven player.

    BTW, I did make a Euro 2020 thread when the tournament started. You can find it here Mainly me talking to myself apart from the Eriksen incident, but maybe it'll pick up

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    I checked for a a Euro 2020 thread before my first post about CE but didn't see it so posted here instead. Must have missed it.

    I'll post any more specifically Euro 2020 stuff there in the future.

    I think Ben Davies was also overlooked last season, particularly once Sergio Reguilón was fit to play again. But that's the problem, although quite a nice one to have, that we have international quality in depth on the left side of the defence so somebody worthy of a place is always going to miss out.

    Right side...............................not so much. With Aurier going that side is a significant weakness. It makes that Trippier sale decision look even worse than it was because he clearly has developed his defensive abilities, even if for some reason, as seen in the England team, he seems to have migrated to the left wing too.

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    We've finally got a new manager! The club have announced the signing of Nuno Espirito Santo:

    Wouldn't have been my first choice, but I can definitely see a lot of positives to his appointment, most of which were mentioned in the article on the Spurs web site. Last season was a bit iffy (but there were extenuating circumstances like the sale of Jota, the horrible injury to Jiminez, etc) but promotion, two 7th place finishes, and a European quarter-final show that he did a very good job at Wolves. He also had a good record in matches against the "big" teams, which hopefully he can continue with us.

    I think the main reservation is the style of football, especially after Levy's comments about going back to our "attacking DNA". However, I have a read a few articles, which mention that he played a much more attacking 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 when he was at Valencia, so he may not be wedded to the counter-attacking style he favoured with Wolves.

    Also I think there's probably a bit of recency bias as the most recent season for Wolves wasn't a good one and they weren't fun to watch, but I don't remember hearing too much about them being dull in those first two seasons after promotion. And they definitely didn't bore their way to the win when they beat us 3-1 at Wembley and then 3-2 at WHL in their first two seasons up.

    Anyway, in the end, what he has or hasn't done before doesn't really matter, all that counts now is what he does with Spurs. I don't expect any miracles with him having us playing like peak Poch overnight, I just want to see up moving forwards and feeling like the club is going in a positive direction again after the past two frustrating seasons. Hopefully he's the man to do that.

    Good luck Nuno, and welcome to the Spurs madhouse

    And, now that we finally have a new manager in place, we can forget about all the managerial rumours and start concentrating on transfer rumours instead! Alongside the new manager we also have a new director of football (or as the club weirdly call him "Managing Director - Football" in Fabio Paratici. Spent ten years in that role for Juventus, so a ton of experience sorting transfers at the top level, let's hope he can help bring in some quality players and shift some of the dead wood for us. If nothing else it should be an interesting month and a half until the start of the new season!

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    A serious amount of **** in both those interviews; a load of verbiage you always get about what they want to do, how its going to happen and why the new manager is the best thing since sliced bread and just what Spurs were looking for rather than, arguably, the best of the rest of those who were available.

    As with Jose M's appointment only time will tell.

    My reaction then to that was eeek! In fact I think I expressed my disquiet here when his name was first mentioned in connection with Spurs months before he was appointed. Nuno ES provokes no such strong feelings either way so I'm very open to giving him a chance.

    But so much depends on who Spurs bring in for next season and who they're going to lose.

    There are some players I've seen in Euro 2020 I wouldn't mind seeing at Spurs - not least Raheem Stirling whose name has been thrown into the mix as a possible sweetener for any deal with MC concerning HK.

    On that theme of cherry picking the best Euro 2020 players for Spurs to consider purchasing I rather liked the look of Switzerland's Breel Embolo (Borussia Monchengladbach) who is apparent out of favour with his club. Possible bargain?


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