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    Bloody disaster I'd say. Just what we did not need and short of a similar mess up by our rivals for the third and fourth places it will all come down to the Everton game.

    I thought Foyth had learned his lesson about doing that sort of thing. Apparently not.

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    On the one hand, I'm surprised and pleased with this season - no transfers to join a squad that's not good enough, 8-9 of our best players tied up in the World Cup until the last weekend, many injuries to deal with, the stadium fiasco - and yet, with two games to go, we could finish in the top four and be Champions League finalists. If someone said to any Tottenham supporter at the close of the summer transfer window we'd finish in the top four and reach the CL final, most of us would have laughed loudly, then bitten both hands off and said 'yep, that's great.'

    On the other hand, what has happened since we lost to Burnley in February has been disastrous - four wins in 11, with losses coming against teams like Burnley, Southampton, West Ham, Bournemouth. As good as the victory over Man City was, we were inches away from losing 5-3 that night, The squad is stretched through injuries and suspension, some of those left are - and never were - good enough, and all look absolutely shattered.

    We're close to an amazing season, but we're also nor far away from a disaster - we should have secured that top four spot by now and I don't have any confidence our beleaguered team have enough in them to beat an in-form Everton team next weekend.

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    Yeah it's been a bit of a weird season!

    More losses this season than any other under Poch, yet it we beat Everton we'll also have had more wins this season than any other Poch season aside from 2016-17. Our form has either been excellent (after 26 matches we had our second highest points total in our entire history, beaten only by the double season in 1961) or abysmal (10 points from the past 11 matches). Yet at the same time that our league form went to pot we reached the CL semi-finals.

    I think we over performed for the first several months, and I wouldn't have expected us to keep up with Man City and Liverpool with the injuries, tiredness, etc., but we shouldn't have dropped off to the extent we have done.

    Good thing with Everton at least is that their really good performances have all been at home. In their past four away matches they've had one win at West Ham, drawn 0-0 with Palace, been beaten by relegated Fulham and thrown away a 2-0 lead to lose against Newcastle. But the main thing is we REALLY need to put in a good performance over the whole 90 mins.

    As you said, such fine margins: two wins and we're in dreamland, don't win the next couple of games and it'll (probably) be an awful end to the season. It's always fun being a Spurs fan

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    It does my head in sometimes.

    I was watching MotD and what was Son was thinking in the sending off incident? Why did he simply not just walk away? Even giving that Bournemouth player the chance to get him in to trouble with the ref let alone blatantly pushing him, however theatrical the reaction, it was never going to result in anything but a sending off. Madness.

    Then Foyth - a crude and dangerous attempt to regain a ball he had just lost. Expensive, youthful inexperience, again.

    Eric Dier was also clearly not up to Premiership speed and lucky not to get more serious punishment as already said here.

    The annoying thing is Spurs otherwise played well with a very praiseworthy defence which still looked strong or at least able to contain Bournemouth even when they went down to 9 men. We could have had goals earlier on too.

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    Bloody hell, Huddersfield and Brighton you lovely teams

    Technically not quite done yet, but surely even Spurs can't bleep it up from this position!

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJG1980 View Post
    Bloody hell, Huddersfield and Brighton you lovely teams

    Technically not quite done yet, but surely even Spurs can't bleep it up from this position!
    Don't tempt fate!

    But, yeah, my local team did the business, as did Huddersfield. Amazing that we've mucked it up so much in the past two months and no-one, bar Chelsea, has taken advantage. I do feel a bit underwhelmed by it all - we're miles off the top two, fortunate that at least two of the teams behind us have been rubbish, and yet....Champions League footie next season is almost guaranteed. And it's a sign of how good a few years we've had under Pochettino that 'just' getting it isn't quite as buoyant a feeling as it should be.

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    Only just heard the other results - amazing, could not have been much better for Spurs, MU now out of it and Arsenal 3 points behind and a +20GD against Spurs +28GD.

    Short of some incredible results, and I do not believe Burnley will be an easy roll over for Arsenal, then 4th place is ours for the taking. Still want us to secure it with a good win against Everton and hope that Leicester do us another favour and give Chelsea a good seeing too , something they're well capable of doing.

    A much better end to the weekend than I'd thought it would be.

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    OMG they bloody well did it!!!!!

    After that first half I thought that was it. Why does it take 50 minutes for Spurs to wake up? But when they do anything can happen and it did. Talk about skin of their teeth, did my nerves no good listening to it on BBC5L but that has to be considered better than Liverpool's result yesterday. An extraordinary 24 hours of CL football.
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    Omg - I was crying before I saw Poch, then he really set me off!

    I thought the Man City game would be the most OMG game I’d ever see, but this has topped it!

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    I have no words!

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