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    Amazing guys. What a couple of semi-finals! Let's make it a decent final too!

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    I'm a Chelsea fan, but I f-ing love Liverpool and Tottenham right now. Both teams showed the sort of passion and commitment that fills any football fan with admiration.

    Legendary wins that will be talked about for decades. I will never forget such incredible matches.

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    Those YT videos are fantastic - thanks for posting them.

    The one I particularly enjoyed was the linked one with Glen Hoddle, Gary Lineker and Rio Ferdinand going mental at the end with Glen almost having another heart attack and then saying how glad he was still to be around to witness it. Great stuff.

    Lucas Moura's second goal, an Ajax defensive mess up but how he jiggled the ball to make the space and get the shot off was brilliant skill. We here all liked and recognised how good he can be right from his first Spurs' appearances and he's delivered on that promise, big time.

    Lloris also needs high praise - he really was at the top of his game and undoubtedly kept Spurs, with a bit of help from the goal posts too, in the tie.

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    Managed to somehow get a ticket for Sunday’s game through the ticket exchange - just had to go, feels like it could be an amazing day.

    Still in shock - Champions League finalists! I’m not allowing my mind to wander any further than ‘finalists.’ I said to someone at work today that Tottenham were frequent winners of the old European Cup in the late 80s/early 90s. In Fifa or Champ Manager. And because I’d tinkered with various difficulty settings, dropping them down to easy as it was the only way Spurs (me) could win it.

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    Yup, the footwork, the composure and the finish for Moura's second goal was magnificent. The awareness too, not switching off when it looked like the keeper was going to gather it but staying alert and being ready to pounce just in case he somehow spilled it. I think the fact that it came straight from that Llorente miss helped too, instead of cursing a massive chance going begging we're celebrating an equaliser, big psychological boost.

    My players of the night were Moura (quelle surprise ), Sissoko, Dele and Llorente. Sissoko because he was at his relentless machine like best, breaking up play, making driving runs forward, and generally just being everywhere on the pitch all at once. It was Dele's best game for a while, back to something like his best, nothing massively flashy but bloody effective, taking up brilliant positions and making great runs, linking the midfield and attack, and vitally assisting two of Moura's goals. The only thing off from Llorente was his finishing, had about three headers and didn't get any of them on target, but his hold up play was immense and he totally bossed the Ajax centre backs.

    The whole team deserve praise though for the sheer grit and determination they showed. To pull this off when our confidence must have been taking a kicking from our poor league form, having lost the first leg, letting in an early goal and then going two down in the second... to still stand up and be counted, and turn it all around in 45 magical minutes... just fantastic.

    It's pretty much been like that the whole way through though. Barring Dortmund in the second round it's been comebacks all the way though. 1 point from 3 group games, on the verge of going out and we get two last minute goals to beat PSV, a late winner against Inter, a late goal to draw against Barca to squeeze through the group. Getting through the second leg against Man City when it looked like they'd turned it all around. The semi-final comeback from the dead against Ajax.

    Christ, I don't think I'm gonna be able to sleep until 1st June! Argh! Champions League final!

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    Don't watch footy anymore - too much diving around and moaning and complaining - but.... really chuffed for Spurs to get to the final, really hope you stuff the scousers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anpanman View Post
    really hope you stuff the scousers.

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    The final will be shown live at the new stadium, open to full capacity with the match being shown on the four big screens. Tickets for a tenner. Could be a fun way to watch the match

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    Think I might have to try and get a ticket for that. Atmosphere should be amazing.

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    Not the most convincing way of getting a CL place for next season but it counts so I'm not going to complain. Ruins our only one draw in a Premiership season record too.

    Losing out third place to Chelsea sticks in the throat but we only have ourselves to blame, Spurs should have been out of sight, securing third place weeks if not months ago.

    Liverpool must be gutted about not winning the Premiership.


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