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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    So far so good against Wolves.
    Good stuff, much needed win, up to sixth.

    Well deserved, bar about six or seven minutes after we went 2-0 up we were on top throughout the match. Should have won by a few more goals (Kane hitting the woodwork twice, Dele hitting it once, two goal-line clearances by Wolves) but it was nice to see us on the front foot throughout the match and putting together some nice attacking moves.

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    Yep, great win and now up to 6th place.

    I think now realistically 5th place is out of reach unless Liverpool hiccup so we have to hold on to 6th and the big advantage we have now is that WH, Everton and, sneaking into the mix, that other north London team , all have considerably worse goal difference.

    However the chances of WH losing to West Brom is so unlikely we're going to have to beat both AV and Leicester unless unpredictable Southampton can do us a favour in WH's last game.

    But it is in our hands now and not dependent on those other results.
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    Yup, would have had a semi-decentish sniff of 5th had West Brom held on for a point against Liverpool, but their winner (and as annoying as it was for us, it was amazing to see a goalkeeper heading in a last gasp goal) makes it very unlikely.

    Although back in... 2015, we were in an identical situation with us four points behind Liverpool going into the final two matches, us 6th them 5th, they lost both, we won both, ended up snatching 5th from them on the final day. Don't see it happening this time though.

    Huge match between Chelsea and Leicester on Tuesday. Really hoping for a Leicester win as that means they'll have top four assured and won't be going into the game against us needing anything. It'd also really heap the pressure on Chelsea as a draw or a loss for them could see Liverpool knock them out of the top four the following night.

    As you say though, at least our fate is in our own hands, let's hope we can just render all the calculations moot by winning our final two matches and guarantee at least a sixth place finish. But us beating Villa and West Brom beating West Ham would be reaaaaalllly welcome!

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    Yeah COYS.

    That Liverpool goal was indeed amazing. A great header from their goalkeeper.

    So often you see them come up the pitch in similar circumstances, get nowhere near the ball or its simply a lousy corner kick and then they have to scoot back up the pitch ASAP to stop a last gasp attack from the opposition. Certainly went well for him and Liverpool this time.

    Just thinking as a bit of joke a few weeks ago and that game reminded me: how about Sam Allardyce for Spurs manager? Maybe a no nonsense guy with more experience than Ryan Mason might be what Spurs need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fallenangle View Post
    Just thinking as a bit of joke a few weeks ago and that game reminded me: how about Sam Allardyce for Spurs manager? Maybe a no nonsense guy with more experience than Ryan Mason might be what Spurs need.
    Considering a number of our fans didn't even want Mourinho due to the style of football, and didn't care how much he'd won, I'm guessing that the fan reaction to replacing him with an equally pragmatic but trophy free manager would be... interesting, to say the least!

    Almost makes me wish I could see into an alternate reality where it had happened, just to marvel at the fan and press reaction

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    I can see Leicester getting two draws to qualify for CL next season... how I think the games will play out. As for Liverpool's last two matches... no clue based on their lacklustre performance against West Brom.
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    A draw, I suspect, is not going to be enough for Spurs even if they beat Aston Villa the Leicester game is likely going to be a Europa League qualifier and 2021/2022 season defining one for Spurs.

    I hope that is going to a huge motivation for them and if Leicester have all ready secured a CL place by then, which I think they will do, then they may not have the same degree of investment in the game.

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    Not looking like that so far, Chelsea 1-0 up and playing much better.
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Quote Originally Posted by EJG1980 View Post
    Still expecting some more twists or turns before it's all wrapped up, although probably not the very large number of twists we'd need to see Spurs finish fourth
    Well that's accurate so far! Last night's result means that Spurs can no longer finish fourth, not that it was a very realistic possibility anyway.

    Tough night for Leicester although CL qualification isn't quite out of their own hands: if Liverpool and Chelsea win their remaining matches, Leicester can still do it if they can beat us by enough to overturn Liverpool's goal difference lead. Of course, Chelsea and Liverpool throwing away points is the best scenario (especially Liverpool, as they're still behind Leicester at the moment).

    As for us, the ideal night tonight is we beat Villa, Brom beat West Ham, and we go into the final day with top six and Europa League football guaranteed. At minimum we've got to beat Villa to keep our European fate in our own hands.


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