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Thread: PS4 best price

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    ?334.99 at Toys R Us when using discount code BIRTHDAY6 at checkout.

    They don't charge before dispatching, that's where I have just preordered mine, got a previous one at Amazon as well though.

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    Good call, just pre ordered at Toys R Us for ?334.99

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    I think the code has changed to BIRTHDAY5, maybe its counting down days or something.

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    Yeah it's BIRTHDAY4 now, think you're right Harry. Preordered one as I figure it won't get cheaper than this. Even though there aren't really any games I want at launch :|

  8. #8 are doing a 10% offer, so if you buy a ?1 item Xia Xia Shell you get the discount.

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    Wasn't really sure where to put this but I have a couple of friends doing it to get a PS4 so I thought I'd put here but it can obviously be used for other stuff too.

    Not used it myself but ShopTo now do what they call Topup Cards where you can put credit onto your account and use them it for things like pre-orders.

    Just thinking it may be useful for other people pre-ordering one of the new consoles from them as you can buy either ?10, ?20, ?50 or ?100 cards from them and pay over time as you're waiting for the release of the new consoles.

    Sorry if this isn't the best place for this, I know there are other ways of doing this but I just thought it might be useful for some.
    Quote Originally Posted by ShopTo
    Looking to save up for a console? Or a game coming out later on in the year?
    The easiest way to do it is through our top up cards! Once a top up card has been ordered the funds will be credited to your ShopTo account balance to spend on the website.

    Your available credit will show under 'Account' at the top right hand side of the website. You will be able to monitor how much credit you have at any point to plan your next order with us. All available credit on your account will be automatically used against your next purchase through our website.

    Just think if you want to start saving towards that new PS4 or Xbox One console for launch later this year you could take advantage of our new Top Up cards and start buying them now as that's the same as putting money away but at least you know it's safe in your Shopto account. When we dispatch your new machine at launch we will automatically deduct what you have saved leaving you with only the balance to pay.

    Even better you can put as much or as little away as you want each month and you can be flexible depending on what you can afford as we have top ups for as little as ?10 and upto ?100 and you can buy multiples to suit your budget.

    Top up cards don't charge interest so why not start saving today and dreaming of that new console in only a few months time...

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    Can I use Green Shield stamps?


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