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    Might be able to use BIRTHDAY6 or BIRTHDAY5 (I think its counting down days or something) at checkout to get a fiver off as well - although I wouldn't recommend it & just buy a PS4 instead!
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  5. #5 are doing a 10% offer, so if you buy a ?1 item Xia Xia Shell you get the discount.

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    I just want an Xbox1 and BF4. What's my best option please? I don't care about Fifa.

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    I ordered my Xbox One Day One Edition (inc Fifa 14) from the Microsoft Store, guaranteed delivery for release and if you go through QuidCo you get 6% cashback which tracked for me @ ?21.50, that to me seems the best bet, they haven't yet put up a Forza 5 pack yet if you were more interested in that but you could keep a lookout.

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    Went for this even though I said I cant justify for one game, the game is free

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    Yeah, the amazon UK one is what I ended up going for.

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    Just managed to swap my preorder on shopto for the forza pack took me a hour!!

    Will have to add Battlefield 4 later as I had in it a bundle and the sites swamped now.


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