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    Did you use the 128k speccy version for the extra sound?

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    The homebrew Atari 8-bit port looks awesome:

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    Did you use the 128k speccy version for the extra sound?
    Yep. Still sounded like crap.

    I actually tried to run the 8bit Atari version but couldn't get the game to run. It does look nice though for the system.

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    Stop making the amstrad version look rubbish

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    Thanks for that great video. I hope you do others.

    The 32X version was superb, I didn't realize it was so good. I was also pretty impressed by the Gamegear version as well considering.

    I have a soft spot for the Megadrive vesion though as I remember getting that with my import Japanese machine at launch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    Chase HQ on the speccy beats just about all versions hands down!
    0_o have you played the Amstrad version

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    One thing some of the Space Harrier games get wrong is that the character is meant to ping back to the centre of the screen when not pushed in certain directions, may have been tough to nail down on digital controls though the Saturn version with the 3D pad is where that's at.

    Ps these are conversions in the main, not ports /pedantic

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    Thanks Yakumo, that was great!

    You'll never beat the arcade version. Playing that massive hydraulic cab whilst it shouts "Welcome to the Fantasy Zone, get ready!" was a real assault on the senses.

    To clarify, was the gun that your character uses also his means of flight? I'd have considered attaching a seat.

    Always loved the robot design in this.

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    I'm glad you guys are liking the video. I'm working on the next one tonight but was wondering if I should add a bit of commentary describing the controls and so on.

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    Or, so not to talk over the lovely audio, you could do what those old music video TV shows used to do and put text based facts on the bottom of the screen in a lovely neon pink text box. Keeping it all retro and that


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