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    In fairness, it doesn't baffle me all that much. For all the PR, Bitcoin is ultimately worth money because someone developed an untraceable currency that can be used by the criminal element to make transactions on the darkweb. The fact that the currency has widened to the point where more people use it doesn't change the fact that this is the reason it became a precious commodity.

    It's like how YouTube say they became big because they gave people a chance to upload their own videos to the web, when those of us who were there at the time know that YouTube became popular because pre-Google, they were basically piracy-Netflix without malware.
    All great empires/dynasties have a criminal basis.

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    Just bought some AML Bitcoin tokens. Gambling on the fact that it is set to be a non-anonymous currency so the banks and governments won't mind it.

    Bitcoin (and all crypto currencies) have value because there's an understanding that other people also perceive them to have value. Same way all the regular currencies work.
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    Some schmuk with an XP laptop is trying to mine coins, not knowing his competition is nuclear scientists with a supercomputer or a businessman with his own power plant!

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    Possession of Bitcoin may be illegal after it has been discovered that the currencies blockchain contains child abuse data and imagery.

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    Reading the actual paper referenced in the article, there was no child abuse imagery found in there at all. Sounds like someone is trying to short bitcoin.

    Bitcoin’s blockchain contains at least eight
    files with sexual content. While five files only show, describe, or link to mildly
    pornographic content, we consider the remaining three instances objectionable
    for almost all jurisdictions: Two of them are backups of link lists to child pornog-
    raphy, containing 274 links to websites, 142 of which refer to Tor hidden services.
    The remaining instance is an image depicting mild nudity of a young woman.
    In an online forum this image is claimed to show child pornography, albeit this
    claim cannot be verified (due to ethical concerns we refrain from providing a ci-
    Also, you don't have to download the entire blockchain to mine - that's simply wrong.
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    To be honest I'm mildly surprised at how well Bitcoin is holding on now it's value is so inflated. The increased political, financial and media scrutiny hasn't taken it down... yet


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