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    Quote Originally Posted by chopemon View Post
    After not watching anything for years, the Attack on Titan hype got me to check it out and I love it. Devoured all the current episodes on Crunchy Roll. Going to move on to Devil Survivor next.
    Pretty much the exact same here - had heard it was meant to be good, saw it was meant to be dark fantasy, so thought to check it out. Pretty impressed with Crunchyroll too!

    I've also just got the first Steins;Gate blu-ray. One episode in it seems... Interesting. Not sure whether I'm going to like this, but having heard so many great things about it I felt I should at least give it a chance.

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    Am planning on picking up Steins;Gate this week have just bought Cowboy Bebop and plan on watching it tonight not seen that show for years

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    S;G takes a while to get going while it introduces the characters and world (all while spouting internet memes), but its worth it for the ride it'll take you on if you like conspiracy theories and schlock science and it does get proper grim towards the end, though has satisfying ending which is nice for once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    Nothing else in the seinen bracket like SnK this season, though Kill la Kill will start October which looks good. Going back maybe Fate/Zero, but its not on the "epic" scale of war SnK has, closest would be the Berserk/Yamato 2199 remake films (though the latter is 40 mins ova's spanning 21ep so far). Or if your willing to get into action/adventure HunterXHunter remake is fantastic.
    Oh i've been working my way through Hunter x Hunter already, currently upto episode 57

    I'll have a look into the other, cheers

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    Watched the first episode of Attack on Titan via Crunchyroll the other day and it's enough to convince me to sign up for a monthly subscription until the end of the series. Reminded me a bit of The Tower of Druaga, except it was much more horrible!

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    Well impressed they are doing a BlazBlue anime should be awesome!

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    Ippo has been greenlit for season 3 this fall!

    This year's 34th issue Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine is revealing on Wednesday that a third season of the television anime adaptation of George Morikawa's Hajime no Ippo (Fighting Spirit) manga has been green-lit. The anime is scheduled to begin airing this fall in Japan. The announcement image reads, “Ippo fights the formidable enemy, Sawamura! Dempsey breaks down!?”

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    Yup, pretty hype!

    Only watching Watamote this season.

    Also almost finished Mayo Chiki but that isn't worthy of discussion.

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    Just reading into this a bit more and found out Kenji Utsumi, the guy who voiced Coach Kamogawa and Major Armstrong from FMA, died last month.

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    Ooh trailer to the upcoming Youkai watch anime, god so far away & so dying to watch it. Want to see how they expand on the game, im guessing it's not going to be the same story as the game, or maybe it is? Looks wonderful seeing it all animated.


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