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    Signed up for Crunchy rolls 2 week free preview to see what all the fuss is about regarding Titan. Its ok I guess, too much blabbing about technical and strategical military and humanitarian manoeuvres and not enough action, up to ep12 so far. I feel I can guess where this is all heading already.

    When is it mean to get better?

    Also was initially impressed with Crunchy roll but getting a lot of lag now, its pissing me off and no way am I paying for this when the 2 weeks are up. I do like their DBZ hoody though . . . .

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    If you want action you're better of with Naruto/Bleach/FT and One Piece or even Symphogear from this season, much of SnK direction is around building up to set pieces where you're guaranteed to see secondary characters end up dead and sometimes a main one, so action all the time would leave them without a cast.

    Came here to post about really enjoying ep11 of Genshiken s2, they've had that plot string going for years between Mada and Saki and it finally pays off it a damn good way if you invested in the characters outcomes, trying to hold off reading the manga until this tv season finishes to keep the surprises coming.

    Other than Symphogear S2 balls to wall, hot blooded action, its all about slice of life's for me this season, Silver Spoon, ServantXService and Tamayura 2 being pretty good, and Watamote for the skin crawling embarrassment Tomoko puts herself through (90% of the time caused by herself).

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    I've only bothered keeping up with Watamote so far this season.

    Will marathon Genshiken when it's done. Also interested in SnK because it looks so pretty.

    Watamote is great though, especially love the OP. Rarely will I watch/listen to the OP every episode I watch.

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    Season has ended with a lot of them being 10-13ep in length, and the verdict..

    Blood Lad - goofy monster/demon+fighting/adventure, nothing worth watching.

    C3-bu - started as a SoL girls doing airsoft which turns in to progressive mental breakdown of the MC, felt like Gainax got bored after few episodes and made it up as they went along till they had to fix all crazy in the last episode through the power of friendship. Only worth it your interested in why Gainax have such a bad rep when it comes to adapting manga/LN's.

    Fate Ilya - with Fate/Stay version of Madoka's take on magical girls. Worth watching if you like type-moon universe and as always is well animated and the fights get pretty brutal.

    Gatchaman Crowds - ending was terrible, featured little in the way of Gatchaman and instead focused on the Crowds software and humanities will to use it for good/bad.

    Genshiken Nidaime - Had an slight art style change and new VA's but it felt like more Genshiken which is good. Could have done with more Mada early on as the new students don't quite carry the show like the old cast did. Finished on a anime only ending (so far, like the first season did which was eventually featured in the manga).

    Gin no Saji - certainly one of the better slice of life shows in a while, not quite up to the level of the first season of Moyashimon, a very similar show to this but differs mainly in the focus on the MC while the secondary characters don't receive much development, so you'll need to get attached the MC muddling his way through farming lessons from raising pigs(that'll be butchered) to learning how to milk cows. enjoyable show.

    Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi - adventure in the same way as Kino no Tabi, but not as good. Felt like a 4/5 short mysteries the MC solves before moving on to the next place, well animated and drawn well.

    Love Lab - decent high school comedy, with likeable cast mainly held together by Maki's insane thoughts of dating and the wild one trying hide lying about being a expert in love, was usually at its best when it involved the 2 guys from the cram school.

    Neptunia - very average show, art was so,so, and often full of "quality" moments... but what kept me watching was spotting who's suppose to be who, as it quite strange they pick characters based on 360, Ps2, PsP, wii, Game Gear and "Neptune" but leave out the likes of Megadrive/Snes. At least the ending featured
    making a return.

    Servant x Service - my fav show of the season I think, the characters just about acted enough like adults in the work place for me to ignore some of the more stupid things like the Manager, and although it didn't resolve any relationship stuff it advance them on enough for it to remain interesting instead of the standard anime dense MC.

    Shingeki no Kyojin - having read the manga a good while ago it took the shine of it for me as it went on, its still a good watch but I had more fun watching symphogear due to the surprise element. Could be long time before we see a full second season as the manga has just about 10/12eps on content if they stretch it out atm.

    Tamayura s2 - high school girls SoL, not really worth getting into unless you've seen season1, leans heavily on Potte moving forward after putting the passing of her dad behind her in season1, from more adventures with the girls to setting up photography club and more town festivals. Finishes on emotional outing with her mum

    The world god only knows: goddess arc (s3) - as someone without knowledge of the manga it cut out of dating conquests to get to this point the story from what I can pickup, im pretty sure even some of the main girls who are goddesses never got a animated story arc and left me mostly going "who the sod is that". Anyway its still a good show as Keima try's to recapture the old girls and certainly pushes Chihiro to the forefront which made me a fan her now .

    Watamote - had me cringing all the way through with her socially retarded antics and there's been nothing quite like it animated so certainly worth watching (maybe welcome to the NHK comes close).

    Railgun 2 - finished on more terrible anime only story arc after the brilliant little sisters arc (from railguns perspective). Worth watching just to ep16 then stopping , about the only redeemable part from the made up story was the final action piece.

    Symphogear 2 - still waiting on the last episode to be subbed but its my fav action show of the season, plenty crazy action and hot blooded explosions which such great lines like "I'll come back alive, even if it kills me".

    Couple of films released to disc,

    Fairy Tail film is pretty boring but its art style is closer to the manga than the TV show and animation as expected is pretty neat for the fights, they should really just make OVA/film of just Erza getting into fights.

    Index Film, decent enough to waste a couple of hours on. Was pretty much their take on introducing the singing madness of macross (including some mecha action) into the world of magic and espers, sadly only includes one instance of Touma punching someone in the chops and couple of cameos from Railgun, Little Sisters and Accel.

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    Everyone is talking about Kill La Kill. Is there a legal way to watch it?

    Crunchyroll doesn't have it and a quick Youtube search brought up nothing.

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    This would be why

    Have watched via other methods, its very much a successor to tengen toppa gurren lagan style. Really good opening episode and so far my only problem is the change to the the MC outfit from from the original artwork that would now have Yoko blushing... I actually felt embarrassed watching it, that it needed to panda to "super" fans with blatant fan service to make sure it sells.

    I've watched a good 3/4's of the new stuff out, only really waiting on Gundam Builders to turn up which seemed to have gained as much talk for been good as Kill la Kill. Will post thoughts soon.

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    I don't write much here (or better, not all), but I guess I'll give my 2 cents about BlazBlue Alter thoughts went like this:
    "oh, it opens like the Story mode in the first game".
    "Nu, yay"
    "Hazama, yay"
    "Urhmmm...they haven't completed the OP?"
    "No, they haven't"
    "Not that way Noel, there's Carl there!"
    "I know what's going on, the exposition seem faster than it should"
    "And you call that a fight sequence with Jin?!"
    "Haku-Men has been introduced way too fast"

    I think that missing the OP for the first episode is like dooming the whole thing. I was skeptical when Alter Memory was announced, and I'm even more skeptical now. The first episode was decently animated but they'll probably try to cram way too many things into this series (BB story goes through videogames, drama CDs, novels and mangas).

    I think they should have asked this guy to do the battle sequences:

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    Round up for the new season, which seems to be a lot of Demon killers and Magic worlds.

    Kill la Kill - probably the show of season, as I said previously its TTGL with clothes for mechs, now whether or not it will escalate the fighting to chucking galaxies at each other is unkown you definitely get the feeling there will be more at work than a simple Student vs School Council rumble. Great style, good animation and lots of hotblooded action.

    Kyoukai no Kanata - Kyoani have a go using there style to do a well "moe-animated" monogatari, certainly seems better than there last action effort munto. High School demon hunters+Harem, if you like what Kyoani do every season then it would be worth watching.

    Gundam Build Fighters - Gundam VS games turned into toy commercial. I can't blame them for that as its packed full of fan service, hopefully it'll remain light hearted and not take it to seriously, which seems to be the case when you have characters that look like Rambal Ral , Gundam Wing vs Gyan fight was fun to.

    Coppelion - stalker+school girls is the plot, expect lots of shots panning the scenery of overgrown nature and building falls apart. No feeling for zombie/monster crap so it seems to straight up survival. Similar to Kill La Kill I question the clothing for such a hazardous mission. Worth watching if you like end of world stuff.

    Yuushibu - very much like Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, fantasy world characters working real jobs. This time its set still in the fantasy world where the demon lord has been killed and the heroes are all out of work. Very ecchi, I can imagine the disc release having less steam and more nipples

    Outbreak Company - seems it'll be haram comedy with a NEET selected to run a company selling anime to different dimension(which happens to be a fantasy magic land). seems alright... art and animation are ok, and at least its not a high school set up.

    Unbreakable Machine Doll - battle shounen set in a harry potter school for magic **** with a massive dash of Gash Bell style human+puppet fighting for the king of puppeteers (or something like that). Decent art and animation.

    BlazBlue - I know nothing about games background story so it seem like there tying to sell some sort of time loop story with fighting in it. What fighting there was isn't great, art and animation are average and the VA for 1/2 the characters are terribly annoying. I liked the ninja guy at the end enough to want to watch the 2nd ep to see if it improves.

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel - the personification of things now moves on to ships! Use an improved CGI art/animated from freedom (without Akira look) where alien invaders have pushed humans out the sea, destroyed all comms devices separating island nations. Now using one of the enemies ship against them, japan has to deliver a prototype weapon to America for mass production. I always got a soft spot for naval warfare and what they had seemed decent enough for me to want to stick with it, It every much feels like the vibe the gundam gives of the Whitebase/Archangel running the gauntlet back to earth chased by Zeon/Zaft.

    Gingitsune - spiritual beings+shrine maiden show, feels and looks very much like Natsume series.

    Golden TIme - Romance Comedy, not sure if it'll be haram show on top of that. I enjoyed it enough for the MC not being spineless retard and the setting being a university (giving of that feeling I could be watching Genshiken).

    Hajime no Ippo s3 - more boxing, whoop! And it gets straight into the action in the 1st episode which is even better.

    Log Horizon - People trapped in MMO plot, so very much SAO. Seems to have a lot more nods to how MMO's work and the story is more guild teamwork than Kirito soloing everything. OP is great to.

    Magi s2 - more adventure shounen, opens with a very well animated and very pissed off looking future Aladdin before cutting back to the end of s1.

    Nagi no Asukara - very strange setting of people living/breathing in the sea being a normal thing, centres on 4 sea people going to school on land in a very school romance drama way, expect the high standard PAworks art style and animation (angel beats, Tari Tari and last seasons Red Data Girl)

    Non Non Biyori - Slice of life show, set in the countryside with a school housing only 5 students, so there all in one classroom. Felt like a mix of Minami-ke (cos of the different ages and a couple of gags thrown in) and SoL boringness of Aria (the good kind of boring that's relaxing). I liked it.

    Noukome - Harem/ecchi/high school comedy, the pitch for this one is the MC is living life a like a Visual novel and has to pick 2 options that randomly spring up(he can only see) and usually are extremely embarrassing, not doing so causes massive headaches. Had me laughing hard for most of episode.

    Freezing s2 - high school girls fighting each other and eva'esk angels to the death which is an excuse to have plenty of ripped clothes and moans of pain.

    Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! - looks like freezing wasn't enough for seasons quota in ecchi combat, we get Rumble Roses the anime. Idol mocked by a wrestler, becomes a wrestler to prove idols are hard working... I liked it

    Strike the Blood - another demon hunter battle shounen, MC gets super powers he didn't want and will probably have fight a lot of things that want the power instead. average art/animation.

    Tokyo Ravens - another demon/magic hunter shounen, probably featuring battling shounen (nothing kicked off in ep1, the MC was being a wiener) Mix's 2d and CGI for the magic, art style and animation are above average at least.

    Yozakura Quartet - gets a fresh restart and not a sequel to the 08 TV show, seems to be a lot more focus on Hina this time. A club/gang of demons/half demons/ and humans protect a demon town from mischief which will probably turn into a battle shounen.

    Walkure Romanze - a jousting knights school for women, with a bunch of them thawing over the MC who retired from the Male version for some reason. Setting seemed alright, its just the characters are all **** and CGI horses look like ass.

    Yowamushi Pedal - high school cycle club anime, almost the exact setup as Over-drive. MC not into a cycling seems to have gift for it. I liked it.

    Not bothering with Biabolik Lovers and Meganebu(to shoujo), White Album S2 and Little Busters s2 (didn't like s1), Infinite Stratos s2 (the thickest MC in history is to much to put up with for another season), Ace of Diamond (don't like baseball), Phi Brain S3 (terrible)

    Waiting on Valvrave s2 (woo trainwreck time), Samurai Flamenco, Kyousougiga and Pupa.

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    I used your link above and watched Kill la Kill. I really enjoyed it!

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    I watched the first episode this morning. Very energetic but a bit too hyper for me. It could be interesting but the revenge story angle could mean the whole show's progress is laid out already. I'd like to be wrong though.

    Also watched the first episode of Blazblue: Alter Memory. One for franchise fans, the art direction and character design is nice but the pacing made it feel like they were dashing through the story to me. Could turn into something good or just end up pandering to series fans (who should be happy it exists really).


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