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    Is Darling in the Franxx worth watching (I think I'm interested given the studio its from). I think Violet Evergarden is on Netflix so I might give that a look sometime (need to finest The 7 Deadly Sins season 2 firstly though).

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    They are both OK, but nothing much more.
    I would have liked Violet Evergarden more if it wasn't so geared towards only one emotional side, also they have a series of partially unrelated episodes and then they force an overarching plot in the last two-three. If you want a tear-jerker, however VE is right for you.
    Darling tries to be a mix of various Gainax series (Eva and Nadia in primis), but kinda stand on its own...not overly impressed by the final product, it's something you won't miss if you don't watch nor completely regret it if you do.

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    As Bk says, VE is emotional ride of mostly self contained stories which each leave their mark on main characters development from emotionless murder machine to kind hearted letter writer, and of the stories i think the only 3(of12) that stuck with me are Mother and Young daughter, The lonely writer and Almost saving private Ryan. Art and animation are Kyoani's finest to date (though i have yet to watch the Hibike Euphonium side story film, Liz and the Blue Bird, got that ready to watch when i find 2hrs).

    Darling in Franxx can be skipped, pretty average for Triggers work. The main problem is the plot takes forever to get going when you know what's coming, your then hit with 2 episodes of exposition and 3 eps of crazyness and nice wrap up ending. If you can, go for SSSS.Gridman which is the best Mecha/Kaiju show of last year.

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    In between onepiece and gegege no kitaro i have been wanting to find more shows to enjoy but it's a pain looking for them as the plot synopsis always sounds so dull compared to what the show is actually like.

    Seems youtube got my back as it randomly popped up with two shows in my recommended feed. Ore monogatari, oh my i wasn't expecting to find another show like this. Kimi no todoke opened my eyes to this genre of anime and a absolutely adored that show, looks like i stumbled across another, the artsyle is pretty the characters are all really likeable currently binge watching the hell out of this as i can't stop myself. The other show was gamers, i'm liking the idea of it but the plot is all over the place with love triangles everywhere which is kind of making it a bit annoying as it seems to be one misunderstanding after another.

    Was pleased to see one punch season 2 has dropped. first ep was good and the animation quality doesn't seem to have been ruined fom season 1. The hard part is waiting for each ep now as i love the fights in this one.

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    I still watch nearly everything at the start of every new season, usually 3-5eps before i drop it for boring or uninteresting (rather than generic). So far this season with half the shows out 1 week in to it, hasn't been great. As for OP season 2, after watching the interviews about how they made it, we would never ever get that quality of animation for this season, the amount of favours the director used up getting in alot of freelancers means it be a once a in decade show (in regards to animations and direction).

    As for what we got, i think the change in Art style is probably better and closer to the manga than S1 and the animation is fine for a TV show but the direction is really poor, to many close ups and cuts, losing any sort of idea of where everything is in relation to each other.

    As for similar shows in high school romance/drama, 3D Kanojo Real Girl from last season was really enjoyable, (first half is packed full of forced drama but it's worth getting through for the last half) one of those rare ones where the relationships actually go places and characters grow, and (as usually for this types) the secondaries are the best characters which thankfully alot of them have good payoffs at the end of the show.

    And from a few years ago look in to Bokura Ga Ita , Ao Haru Ride, Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii and Just Because.

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    Cheers tobal i'll definitely check out your recommendations, who would have thought i'd end up loving romantic anime lol.

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    Saw the trailer for Sarazanmai weeks ago and it intrigued me as it's got youkai in it, forgot all about it till i remembered this morning and went looking on horriblesubs. Finally saw the first episode, oh my god it's hillarious the show has it all. Ass related shennanigans, full on singing while battling, silly coombination moves & an interesting story. Also loved the real world ending song mixed with anime, will be sticking to the end of this one.

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    Cupnoodle put out a One Piece advert which surprisingly moved it in to a High School setting, set to some bump of chicken music. Definitely gave me a tinge of emotion i've not felt towards One Piece in years. I would love something like this a short spin off, seems to have gotten some good reaction as well.

    twitter link where it came from

    and someone who slapped it on to YT

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    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is one of the best anime series I've seen in a bloody long time, I just can't get enough of it. The MC is legit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cepp View Post
    That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is one of the best anime series I've seen in a bloody long time, I just can't get enough of it. The MC is legit.
    i enjoyed it the up to where he goes off to solve Shizue's regret (which to be fair is the last 1/4 of the season), as him being seriously over leveled meant no tension in any fight scene and i got through mostly on the world building, his town building up and those who underestimated him at the start. When it comes back next year i hope we some serious contenders to push him.


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