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    Anime and Manga Thread: 2nd Season

    Time to sadly say goodbye to thread 1, born 15.02.2004 a time when I got cheap BB connection off then NTL and found the world of IRC and Alt.Binaries to rekindled those C4 nights of 90's anime OVA/films and VHS rentals.

    Those looking to get into it, Google CCCP for a simple all in one Coded pack and Nyaa or tokyotosho for Torrents and/or IRC links.

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    So it nearly made 10 years huh? Never mind. Well I'll start off by saying that mecha fans should go see Pacific Rim ASAP. Live action mecha vs. giant alien monster story with a Hollywood budget. Fans win for one Summer film this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tobal View Post
    Time to sadly say goodbye to thread 1, born 15.02.2004 a time when I got cheap BB connection off then NTL and found the world of IRC and Alt.Binaries to rekindled those C4 nights of 90's anime OVA/films and VHS rentals.
    You forgot, setting the VCR to tape late night sci-fi channel runs.

    Roughly 2 episodes into the new season, my current faves are Servant x Service, Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi and Gin no Saji.

    Oh yeah, Fairy Tail is coming back already lol.

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    Fairy Tail is coming back? It pissed me right off when it got cancelled.

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    Crunchyroll has got me into watching series on a regular basis. Faves at the moment have to be Attack on Titan and Flowers of Evil. Caught the first ep of the new Gatchaman - Crowds - the other evening and can't say I was impressed. Battle of the Planets it aint.

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    I've never gotten on with streams, the quality is just to low when you can spend 5/10 mins downloading a 300mb file instead.

    Watched most of the new season now, which is a lot of School/Moe crap mostly. Skipping continuations of Ro-kyuu-bu(not for me), new Hakkenden(it's ****), kingdom (s1 was boring), Rozen Maiden (never liked it).

    Tamayura S2 - more slice of life from a quiet town with a girl that likes photography. Seems this time it'll have a plot involving Potte creating a photography club at school, which is an upgrade from no plot... season 1 was more of a year in life of Potte getting use to moving to a new home and getting over her dad's death(the latter was more dealt with in the OVA's). Animation seems alittle better this time round, art is the same to.

    Senki Zeshou Symphogear G - season1 was incredibly fun mashing up the magic girl formula with Hot blooded super robot/Super Sentai themes, and this season continues to do the same with a bigger budget by the looks of it. Probably be my show of season.

    Free - kyoani attempt to get money from the rotten girl market.. its pretty much the K-on character types as blokes and swimming instead of girls/music.

    Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku - high school girl comedy stuff, with the main plot element being the Go Home Club, being actual after school club. MC plays the straight man/Foil the retards in the club with there strange antics.

    Gen'ei Kakeru Taiyou - Dark/edgy Magical girl stuff using tarot cards, im certainly confused by the lack of caring for the people that died/ got hurt in ep1 by the main characters which is why I didn't get on with it. Animation in the battle scenes are pretty decent though.

    Genshiken Nidaime - the next generation... different VA's to for the old characters and the raft of new characters just don't have the same lovable rouges the original cast was. Though that does seem the point with the way fandoms have moved on, which is now represented in the new characters. still 100% watch for me.

    Servant X Service - I'm actually surprised anyone would animate a show based on civil servants/Local government workers, uses the same art/animation style as working! which seems to fit it well. definitely worth a look if your looking for comedy outside the norm and being in local government some of this show I find very funny.

    Monogatari S2 - the ****Gatari shows are always strong runners in any season and this one is no different mixing up that SHAFT art/direction with a modern take on ghost stories and superstitions which mostly act in the background for superb character interactions. Don't think we'll see Araragi for while by the looks of the first episode and im hoping we'll get a "what he was doing at this time" later on. The SHAFT head tilt was abused in ep1.

    High School DXD s2 - team battle shows with demons vs angels, high schools and lots of fan service. More of the same really.

    Kiniro Mosaic - high school girl/SoL/comedy moefest, would have been more interesting if they had stayed in England but as it is, its more slice of life high school stuff a normal. Most notable for driving on the left!! well done japan.

    Gatchaman Crowds - as wil says, its not very battle plants or even gatchaman for that matter, feels more like a another take of Tiger'n'bunny with out the advertising and a really annoying MC, i'll give it a few episodes yet to see if it improves.

    Fantasistia Dolls - High School girls battling Yugioh style without the board, pretty dull.

    Blood Lad - battle/comedy with demons, seemed alright. the main catch is the MC is otaku vampire with a love for human entertainment gets a chance to visit the humanworld.

    Love Lab - more high school/moe/comedy using the love live art style from a season back, set around some girl who gets misunderstood for a master art of love by the nutcase of a school president. Again seems alright.

    Gin no Saji - MC joins a farming school due to having no home and needing a cheap long term boarding college. Very much Moyashimon without the microbes. Definite watch for me.

    Dog X Scissors - seems to be just a comedy so far though from the preview for next episode it seem it go all mystery adventure for the author to get ideas for books. Set around MC that dies and had massive regrets not being able to read the last book in his fav series so ends up as dog and owed by the author of the book he want to read.

    Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi - first episode is pretty confusing, nearly everyone is "not zombies" because God got bored ran off, so we all live forever though a few special people can send people on to the afterlife, MC is some young girl with eyes way to far apart called a gravedigger. Willing to stick it out to see where the story goes for this one.

    Danganronpa - another persona styled show, based on some PSP or DS visual novel game I think. Bunch of wacky kids locked up with orders to kill each other to escape, seems it'll go the crime/court thriller route instead of a battle shounen which I expected.

    Fate Illya - Fate/Stay characters will Illya as the MC set against magical girl plot using the magic circuits stuff Fate is know for, seems they'll battle the servant staples to which could be fun.

    Neptune the animation - I think this is one for the fans of the rpg's. Just a whole lot of huh's? for me, follow the adventures of girl versions Not Sega, Nintendo, Sony and Xbox fighting some badguys.

    C3-bu - after girls as flying WW2 witches, as Guns, in Tanks and now as consoles, we get replica BB guns club in a all girls school. Seems alright to me

    Will keep watching Attack on Titan, HxH, Space Bros, MJP and Railgun2 from last season. And Oreimo really turned to complete crap in s2, just painful to watch.
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    What happened to Hataraku Maou-Sama, seemed to end abruptly, I was really enjoying that.

    Shingeki No Kyojin is doing it for me at the moment, anything else along the lines of these two series worth looking at?

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    After not watching anything for years, the Attack on Titan hype got me to check it out and I love it. Devoured all the current episodes on Crunchy Roll. Going to move on to Devil Survivor next.

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    Nothing else in the seinen bracket like SnK this season, though Kill la Kill will start October which looks good. Going back maybe Fate/Zero, but its not on the "epic" scale of war SnK has, closest would be the Berserk/Yamato 2199 remake films (though the latter is 40 mins ova's spanning 21ep so far). Or if your willing to get into action/adventure HunterXHunter remake is fantastic.

    As for Devil Survivor, I thought it had terrible art and story you can tell was lifted from a video game. It's main hook seems to be just kill everyone that shows up, stopped around ep5/6. Persona4 not much better either.

    Back to this season, as expected I've been really enjoyed Monogatari, Tamayura, Genshiken and Symphogear sequels. As for new stuff the Watamote is 'office' levels of cringe worthy social awkwardness (she mostly brings on herself), Silver Spoon (gin no saji) has an outsider trying to make it in farming college/uni and Servant X Service takes what made working! great and adds a level of relationship/interaction not usually found in anime due to the age of the characters/setting of an council office which makes it my personal fav this season.


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