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    Quote Originally Posted by buster_broon View Post
    Neon, she didn't watch movies ffs, just ice skating and dating programmes
    You could try going skating with her? You get a whole new understanding of someone when you skate with them.

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    no she watched dancing on it or strictly, she didn't do it

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    Quote Originally Posted by buster_broon View Post
    no she watched dancing on it or strictly, she didn't do it


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    haha the weekend went according to plan except the Saturday were I was crazy drunk

    but otherwise had a great birthday weekend

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    Well now. It's been a while.

    Jamie's life has been a roller coaster the past 2-3 months. With some high highs, and low lows.

    I started seeing someone, it was going amazingly, she told me she had fallen in love with me. Great chemistry and passion, shared interests, all was amazingly. Until she turned out to be a lunatic. Highlights include switching between obsessive and almost ghosting, an ex of hers who she "loves" being in her bedroom and her sending me pictures, always playing second fiddle to her friends, catching her out on secrets, her smashing a window in a country cottage whilst on a romantic weekend away, her losing her rag on a whim.

    It wasnt all bad, or I wouldnt have stayed for so long. But she was loving and caring and generous etc the rest of the time. But I realised recently she is just a manipulative c**t, and her actions even now have reinforced that. She went from saying see actually saw a future with me, and was asking about possible living situations when I sold this house, saying shed fallen in love with me, and meeting her best friends, and meeting my family- to be a cold distant ice queen that was triggering my anxiety bad- and she knew what she was doing too.

    Its my birthday today, and all this has happened just over the past few days, and she knew it. Oh well, there was good times, but I feel like I was taken for a proper mug- and she's used to yes men, so when I was challenging over her actions, she didnt like it. What ive listed isnt HALF of the drama over the past few months either.

    What hurts is that I genuinely thought I might have had a future again,and now I realise ive been played, its a bit ****.

    Happy birthday to me!
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    Oh mate, I think we were hoping the radio silence meant you were doing okay.

    You should probably write your dating memoirs, as it'd make a cracking read!

    Sorry it's not how you imagined your birthday, but onward and upwards, mate.

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    I thought by now he would be on industrial strength doses of penicillin.

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    Your not going to find happiness being with someone Kirov, you’ll only find someone when your happy.

    All this chain dating and bouncing from person to person does people no good.

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    I agree. Go play some GOTYs and get them out of the way. Plus, you save mountains of cash, even if you end up with cobwebs on your balls for a bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    I agree. Go play some GOTYs
    That's every game.

    boning != happiness


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