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Thread: Bug Reports

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    Anyone else have any problems logging in? logged in twice and got the confirmation was logged in correctly then back to the home page as a guest, works on about the third attempt, was same last night, thought it was a one off thing then.

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    The forum wasn't loading for me earlier, perhaps there were some server issues.

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    Just saw this. Is everything OK? I'm a bit off-grid.

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    MY desktop doesn't like the HD theme. Doesn't load up all the button on threads etc and the "go to last post" icons.

    Everything OK on other themes though.

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    The HD theme is broken it seems.

    Re site and logging in Charles yeah seems OK, will PM you about my logging in problems when you're back, is no biggie.

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    HD theme is really broken in Chrome. Had to log in via IE to change it back to default. Buttons all broken in IE. But now back on default theme all is normal.

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    It's broken because the images were all stored off site and are no longer there.

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    just wondering if anyone else has this (it is not a major issue) but when i browse the site on my galaxy s4 posts are shown as a hour ahead

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