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Thread: Bug Reports

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    Ah, okay. I'm on the default of 10 posts so that might be why it has worked fine for me. Never tried it at higher post numbers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kryss View Post
    The "view post" buttons that appear when a user you've blocked posts don't work.
    This is still making no sense to me. However, if you right click on the link and open in new tab, it works fine.....

    edit: must be a javascript issue.
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    The boards have all moved.

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    It's to make it harder to report bugs.

    Forget that. How about the new mobile style?

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    Just had a quick peek on my phone and it looks WAY nicer and navigates more like the main style, which I far prefer. So first glance looks good.

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    Can someone else reply to this thread so I don't have to keep staring at my avatar on the main forum page. PLEEEEEEASE?
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    I can't access Blue Room threads :/

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    Tons of posts vanished, no idea whats going on with the site.

    Guessing they are waiting for a new hamster to go on the wheel in the server.

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    Ouch. Well, at least the forum's back online.


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