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Thread: Bug Reports

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    Chrome on ipad mini test

    Seems ok to me dude.

    Are you using the full site?

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    Still does it for me. Seems ok though If I refresh the page?

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    Search doesn't seem to be working, is it just me?

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    Thanks Charles, that's done the trick

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    Had to reboot the server a couple of times this morning. Sorry if you were right in the middle of something.

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    Search only works now and again for me, get this error Charles

    connection to localhost:9312 failed (errno=111, msg=Connection refused).

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    Same here. Oddly enough I was searhcing the work 'irk' trying to find the old irk threads.

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    Yeah server reboot this morning whilst I was on the train and need to restart search but will do at home in a bit

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