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Thread: Bug Reports

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaytimeDreamer View Post
    When I try to go into advanced mode to edit a post (for updating the title post on a sales thread basically) I get this

    Are you on the latest version of Chrome? (You need to close the browser and open it again to get some of the updates).
    I can't reproduce the issue.

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    Anyone have any problems posting this afternoon? Or just me? (probably just my connection for a minute).

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    I've had issues all weekend, it just hangs 99% of the time though once gave an internal error screen

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    Though ironically right now it seems to be running again

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    If it happens again, can someone ping me on Facebook please?

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    Is anyone else having troubles posting? I can do it just fine from my mobile with the forum in classic and mobile styles, but on the desktop with Firefox I can't use quick replies and if I go advanced I can only write in the thread title field.
    Tried clearing cookies, logging in and out, but to no effect.

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    I'll try and install Firefox later


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