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Thread: Bug Reports

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    Bug Reports

    Please post any errors here.

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    I had to roll the site back 10 days. Sorry peeps. Anything in between has been lost.

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    I dunno if there's are issues with searching for users? I'm trying to get intouch with Daytime Dreamer regarding a trade within the last few days and I'm limited to what I can do on my phone browser. Can someone send me a link to his profile so I can PM him?


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    Ah cheers, I need to rebuild the search engine.

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    Oh great so my massive first play for youkai watch has now gone, that took ages to write up as well. Don't think i'll bother anymore with first plays it seems like a waste of my time.

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    Managed to recover it all, shall try to piece it all back together. Cheers Charles.

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    Spoiler tags aren't working for me.

    Have posted something in the Guardians of the Galaxy thread & it hasn't hidden it



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