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    I'm a little bit behind Katsu at about 350 hours and 69% completion.

    As soon as I hit 70%, the weapon and armour limits can be turned off so I'll complete Ranger and Fencer on Hard, hoover up the last few kill count achievements on Easy with Inferno-power weapons and I think I'm going to stop there.

    I might get through Hardest, but I'll probably call it a day there as Inferno might be an ask too far with just Katsu and I at the kind of requirements to get through them as you need both weapons and health.

    As Katsu says, there's a lot of leeching n00bs that are more of a hindrance than a help.
    They might have a Lysander Z sniper, but with 200 health (as opposed to 3000+), they just need to have a spider look at them funny with one of its eight eyes and you'll be deeeeed.

    I'm glad the limits are there because part of the tension is scraping through a mission and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat! The game is really nicely balanced, so once you've completed Easy, you're ready to take on Normal. Do Normal and you're tough enough for Hard and so on.

    Who knows though? I may not feel complete until I 1000G this bad boy...
    69 (%) with no HARD ON?!
    I can help you get it up Chimpy! I thought you'd done it tbh

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    I had no broadband for three days and was out all weekend, so bug-blasting time was at a minimum. I only had that session with you and you're already on Hardest, which is fine, because it all adds to the completion ratio.

    I'll cane Hard in a record time once the limits are off.

    I can't understand why we're the only ones still talking about this game!

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    I'm on 280 hours but not sure of percent as I'm on Japanese PS3 version.

    Trying to get through Inferno but really tough.

    Only really bothering with Wing Diver currently 1108 and Ranger at 3347.

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    Any X360 2025 peoples fancy a everything unlocked bound around Thursday Evening or over the weekend?


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