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    Netflix Recommendations

    Ok I think Netflix is great value for money but fails.

    It fails because there are no favourites, no queue, nothing (unlike the US version).

    So what normally happens is that I browse for about 20 mins and then give up, so what I want this thread to be all about is stuff you have watched and enjoyed and would recommend to others.

    I'll start by saying I have watched and really enjoyed Orange is the New Black, which is a Netflix original series about life inside a women's prison. It's a dark comedy, a bit filthy which I always like and has some excellent actors in it.

    Anyway do I watch Expendables 2 tonight or not??

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    House of Cards (also a Netflix original series), which is a dark American political drama. Has quite a few big stars, with the main guy being played by Kevin Spacey

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    Yeah saw that looks good, cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikobo View Post
    Do NOT watch expendables 2.
    Ha thought as much.

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    I've started watching this show called Lillyhammer on netflix - it's brilliant

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    Netflix has a 'My List' now which isn't great but helps you not forget what you intend to watch at some point...

    My recs are the show Luther and the film The Devils Rejects.

    Also get an unblocker and watch Mongolian Death Worm on Chilean Netflix

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    I think I saw that on TV one day. It wasn't very good....unsurprisingly. It wasn't even good in a bad way. Not enough worms

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    Has anybody watched Portlandia? Very funny

    The increasingly poor decisions of Todd Margaret is a massively underrated comedy series and it's on Netflix Uk and US I think.
    it's about a clueless american office worker, who is mistaken for a go getting corporate bastard( by Will Arnett who is a corporate bastard) and sent to the UK to head up the sales division for 'Thunder Muscle' energy drink because "the brits love energy drinks, they go crazy for that ****".

    Really funny and has loads of laugh out loud moments, this is one of my favourite bits (he has been given some advice to fit in by wearing the tshirt my his evil co-worker, {Neil from the Inbetweeners)

    I think it's a British production although it has a couple of big US comedy people in, David Cross' character is not entirely dissimilar to Dr Tobias F?nke in Arrested Development. A combination of his total lack of common sense, being a terrible liar and loads of bad luck is hilarious to watch.
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