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    Shame. I liked Moon and Source Code, but didn't see Warcraft.

    Mute is, as you say, getting savaged.

    However, Warcraft was panned by critics and people stayed away, but if I already have Netflix, I'd take a punt on a film anyway.
    Bright and Cloverfield Paradox were both flayed by the press, yet I saw both of them. The former was good fun and the latter was watchable.
    I think this just goes to show that 'straight to Netflix' is more of a thing than a specially curated 'Netflix original'. Netflix is a good place to put stuff that looks like it will flop, since it'll earn viewers through virtue of Netflix's massive viewership and the fact that it's essentially 'free' for subscribers to watch.

    People with teenage children - do they visit the cinema? It feels like since 'video content' is something we have on tap and are inundated with daily via phones and computers, film is probably not seen as a particularly distinct category of entertainment by a lot of kids today. That's my assumption anyway. I don't know if they'd see it as being special.

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    When it comes to movies, it makes sense that Netflix would get the dumped movies. If you look at what a big movie takes in during its cinema run, there isn't the slightest chance that Netflix could afford to pay that for a movie. Financially, it's no substitute for box office success.

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    I think this is why their recent movie strategy has drawn so much attention. Bright had a production budget of $90m which was high unless most of that went on convincing Smith to do it. It's one of those little fray edges Netflix has where it's undeniably working at the moment but you can see how it could all turn against them quite quickly. Success seems to be mitigating failure at the moment but once Disney wades in it'll be interesting to see how sustainable Netflix finds this cash happy approach

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    My kids still like going to the cinema. Not quite teens yet

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    In addition to Making a Murderer Season 2, Netflix have announced Convicting a Murderer. I may be wrong but I think Making S2 will follow a new case whereas Convicting S1 will return to the Avery case of Making S1 to relook at the case and address criticisms the first season of the main show drew.

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    Gattaca is on Amazon Prime. Brilliant film.

    Has anyone watched Stronghold (foreign film). Looks cool

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    I've just watched Annihilation and my head hurts.

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    We just started Lillyhammer. Turned it off after two episodes - bad acting, **** characters, and boring.

    So we just started Narcos, which i have been meaning to start since the dawn of time. Much better, wanted to watch episode 2 but have to get up to administer meds so called it a night. More tomorrow.

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    I'd heard Lilyhammer was excellent but I also only lasted two eps.


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