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    I agree with both of those last posts, believe it or not.

    Half a year localisation delay thus far, closer to a year when it's finally out, no Euro date still and a strong similarity to its predecessor, despite being current-gen only.

    Iron Rain is supposed to be out in 2018 too, so they need to think about scheduling a bit better. If it's on-track, IR will be coming out around the same time as EDF5 over here.

    I have some Iron Rain updates, so I'll put that there.

    EDF 2025 is still in my top 10 ever, so I'm hoping EDF5 will be fun and has a good online community.

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    Official US release confirmation!! Or not...? Info in this link seems quite flimsy. I think they may have misconstrued the translation info that QC sleuthed a while back. What say you, fellas?

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    This official video says "Summer 2018", so I think it's still coming.

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    A new trailer has emerged confirming the western release for EDF5!

    Sleep easy QC, you're opportunity to scoop the UK release date remains in play as the trailer only says Coming Soon

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    Thank you for the rooting.

    My best regards in the future because of holding out along expecting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman Falls View Post

    Sleep easy QC, you're opportunity to scoop the UK release date remains in play as the trailer only says Coming Soon
    I'm just glad it's coming out by this point!

    They're so vague about everything!

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    Trailer starts, "The Year...2022"

    Is that the 'Coming Soon'?

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    We also opened the official website (English version.) of the game too. Come join the website and check out the latest contents such as the trailers and wallpapers.

    Pre-order deluxe edition ($89.99! :O Standard, $59.99 :O )

    Pre-order 'EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5' NOW and receive the followings at launch:

    • Pure Decoy Launcher 16 variations set - A special decoy which will dance and sing in the battlefield.
    • Volcanic Cracker - You can get the Wing Diver weapon and start using it from the beginning and you may only receive this weapon by pre-ordering the game.
    • Powered Exoskeleton Nix: Gold Coat - A commander machine shining with gold which boarding is admitted only by an early recruit.


    We recommend those freshman soldiers who have high consciousness, to purchase the Deluxe Edition which includes all available contents for EDF 5.

    Deluxe Edition includes:
    • Full Game
    • Deluxe Edition Bonus Content 1: EDF5 Theme
    • Deluxe Edition Bonus Content 2: Decoy Launcher [Pale Wing]
    • Deluxe Edition Bonus Content 3: Star Burst
    • 12 variations of additional weapons and support arms that will boost the power of each of the ground troops
    • Two mission packs – Available post launch contains:
    • Additional mission 1: EXTRA Challenge
    • Additional mission 2: SUPER Challenge

    *Users will be able to receive all DLCs by March 2019.
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    Says December 31st. I'm assuming that's just placeholder...

    Deluxe Edition looks pony, by the way.

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    The US had some pre-order only / store exclusive weapons for EDF 2025 which were freely given in the EU. Maybe that'll be the case again.


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