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    Earth Defense Force 5

    So, here it is. Already lined up, the next gen entry in the EDF series. For now it's unconfirmed what form the game will take or which studio is developing the game. However, at the moment it's only on Playstation 4.

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    Disappointed Supes still got the first post for this, even after the Matrix reset.

    Still no news on a Western release, but it's going to be IMMENSE!

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    You're a moderator. A Super Moderator, some would say. Nuke this thread with a Prominence MA and start a new one!

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    Still no Western release date but DLC info of a new enemy and some kind of crossover with the CGI Starship Troopers: Traitors of Mars film.

    I'm a bit lost as I didn't understand a word after "Konnichiwa".

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    Livesteam of the DLC tonight at 9pm Japanese time.
    New monsters will be revealed!

    Wait. That's in the past. Here's the whole thing! (1hr 20 mins)
    Gameplay from about 33 mins.

    I think they've released a manga novel: "Battle of the Lambda Team"

    Plus there's a strategy guide:

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    Sorry, sorry, sorry.

    I know you were expecting localisation news, but there's still nothing. Dagnabbit.

    There's some DLC for the Japanese release coming out in April.

    The new DLC mission pack in April will include these new enemies:

    Aggressive Alien Species Alpha Armor Mutations
    Protected Aliens Types A & B
    Aggressive Alien Species Beta Steel Body Mutations
    Predatory Invasive Series
    Predatory Larvae

    There are also 30 and more new types of weapons, including:

    Wing Diver – Mag Blaster FDX
    Air Raider – Nyx Saber
    Fencer – 38mm Rage Cannon

    This is getting a bit painful now. Hurry up and do a Western release!

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    I'm quite surprised news of a western date is so slow coming given the spin-off is also in development and this is the best time of year for a series like EDF rather than get buried at Xmas

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