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Thread: Supernatural

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    With the 300th episode airing this week:

    CW have greenlit Supernatural: Season 15

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    Jensen and Jared have explained that the discussion about ending the show took place over a very long period of time and ultimately came from looking at how the show had managed to survive for such a long time against the constant risk that it would fizzle out or not ultimately end on its own terms if they kept going without end.

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    Supernatural gets in trouble. I don't follow all the interviews etc the cast does but in terms of the shows content... like with many other fandom things... fans see what they want to see more often than the content is actually in the end product. The showrunners and show have shown plenty of knowledge before of fans 'shipping' of characters so there's a burden of responsibility but the relationship they cite in the article... never a thing.

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    Though Season 15 is the last one it sounds like they're keeping the door ajar to more after a few years

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    Amazing effort to keep this going for so long. I’ve enjoyed the first 8 series I’ve watched.

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    The shows Executive Producer has stated that it's a case of when not if when it comes to the shows finale being made


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