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    For BF3, I've been using BDF. (BD Forums). And it's a bit like EDF which is cool.

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    I've been ignores in the OP *cries*

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrKirov View Post
    I've been ignores in the OP *cries*
    Sorry! The mods fixed that

    Also I think it's important we support whatever the standard BordersDown clan tag is, so I changed it to [BDF] Which also agree sounds cool.

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    Get the Commander app installed on your tablets ready!

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    PSN ID:

    More than likely I'll spend more time with the PS4 version online.

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    Good! I'll be on and off tomorrow so see you there.

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    So you've officially retired from MH4 then kryss?

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    No...Just not had time for decent sessions. MH4 won't keep me awake like BF4 will (Tuesday I don't sleep so will nod off very quickly without simulation). My bro is back on MH3U now so I'll probably be getting a few hunts in with him to level him up.

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    this will pretty much be the only game i'll have from the launch line up.


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