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    Good laugh had, and that transmission map was hell thanks to the significant amount enemy snipers that round, just constant pings and zips as bullets missed like wasp chasing me around.

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    Still playing and loving this. Finally unlocked proper bullets for my semi auto shot gun, with advanced 3.4x magnification and cross hair. It's one hell of a beast. Tobal, down for a game sometime? It's been awhile!

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    I'm still on it too, hit 121 the other day enjoying the Community Ops map, and looking forward to Legacy Ops when that drops. Shame there's not much variety in the maps you end up on - if you want TDM or anything other than large conquest games you have to go back to the original 8 maps.

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    If the ps4s on just send message and I'll jump on, pretty much just playing ffxi and fallout4 at the moe.


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