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    Quote Originally Posted by Mayhem View Post
    I believe it's a port of the NES version. Wasn't the only one, there's a GameCube version of the original Metal Gear included with the MGS: Twin Snakes Cube pack from Japan.

    Having read up on the game, you really need the guide to find the items hah hah... a bit tricky in Japanese, so I relied on a translation!
    That's what the internet is for these days: (Covers all versions of the game included the Namco Museum extra dungeons.)

    Metal Gear (NES) Gamecube port is quite well know it was even featured in a few of the UK games magazines at the time, but Tower of Druaga doesn't appear to have many fans in the west.

    It's arcade sequel was The Return of Ishtar which features on Namco Museum Vol.4 on PS1 and requires the game be played with two players.

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    Just finished another retro review this time in the form of WWF WrestleMania Challenge on the NES which is made by Rare.

    Some classic wrestlers on the cover artwork to.

    The randomiser is freaking me out some what as a couple of days after selecting this Utimate Warrior passes away.

    Also just seen that Masato Masuda the creator of the Fire Pro Wrestling series also passed away earlier this month.

    Not a good month for wrestling in the games industry.
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    Next up is the awesome Kolibri on the Sega 32X.

    Certainly one of the few games worth playing on a 32X.

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    Seem to be only getting retro games chosen at the moment, next up is the excellent Royal Stone on the Sega Game Gear nice little tactical RPG

    Review is here:

    Also is it me or is the mage portrait below showing a dodgy hand gesture?

    No fantasy game is complete without someone wearing shades either?????

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    New review is finally up

    It's for Choro Q64 2 on the Nintendo 64 the sequel to the game Penny Racers

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    Newest retro review now up Boxing Legends of the Rings, this is one game you didn't want Santa to bring you.

    Here's the horror in action:

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    New review up is up for Angelique Special 2 and it's another retro Sega Saturn game, this one might be to hardcore for even the guys here! As I all know how much every one loves dating simulators.

    the fact the series is still going on the PlayStation Vita should be a crime against gaming the horror.....

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    Review for Sonic Advance 2 on Gameboy Advance is now up, one of the better Sonic games to appear in the last 15 years, oh how the mighty have fallen.

    If you never played it here a complete look at the whole game:


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