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    Gamertag: I3th Racing PSN ID: Mr_Karate

    Post Nintendo Network IDs

    Nintendo's Wii U has been available for some time now, but this is a brand new shiny thread for your Nintendo Network ID needs.

    To get yourself added to the thread, simply send me a PM with "Nintendo Network ID(s)" in the subject box. Please only send account details that you actually play online with though, not those that you use just for downloading content.

    For now, all you need do is to tell me is your forum name, your account name and the region of the account. Just follow the formatting below, and it'll all run swimmingly. If I require any more information from you in the future, I shall let you know via PM.
    Forum name / Nintendo Network ID / Account region

    • Brad / netizensmith / Europe
    • crazytaxinext / SFalls / Europe
    • cutmymilk / cutmymilk / Europe
    • DavidH / DavidHolliss / Europe
    • hoolak / hudson9000 / Europe
    • InvisibleKid / RagingAvatar / Japan
    • Lurch / Retchy / Europe
    • Muddy / jake74 / Europe
    • NoelEdwards / NoelEdwards / Europe
    • teddymeow / teddymeowUK / Europe
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