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    Exclamation Suggestions box

    We now have the major consoles covered as far as being able to make online friends with each other is concerned.

    Is there anything else that you would like a thread for? For example, I don't know if Steam allows for a friend system, but if it does and you want a thread for that then let me know and I will make it so.
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    Steam does allow friends and gamercards.

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    Can we de-censor "shi*", please, as in "*hit"?

    It's a really quaint, old-fashioned, PG-rated sorta thang these days, it offends nobody.

    I'm not even gonna use it more (I like "shid") but I just think the word is so corny and benign these days that we should unban it.

    Let's face it, we can say "bollocks" with no reprimand but not "shi*"!!!

    I just think it's on the same plane as "fart" and "crap" and "bastard", these days, very quaint and old-fashioned and benign.

    I primarily use the terminology to denote "stuff". It's not a horrible, nasty word anymore.

    And I know we're all about 'protecting the kids' on here but what kid nowadays ever uses forums???!!!

    Not only that...we're all, primarily, guys in their 30s and 40s and 50s.

    Why can't we say "*hit"? Why do we need to protect tha kidz????

    Let's just decriminalise that ONE word.

    It's a soft word, a word for softies like Walter, anyway!!!


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