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    so let me get this straight, you're saying the quote from the interview you're commenting on, has nothing to do with the reading the interview the quote comes from in the posted link to see where it fits in context?

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    What? I don't think you have that straight at all. Try again.

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    I don't need to. You've done enough.

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    Back on topic, if they can even pull half of this off then im pretty excited to see the final product.

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    Rev3 interview with Sean Murray explaining things a little bit more.

    In other news, Sony's main indie man Shahid has hinted they have already spoken to Hello Games.
    If they are using Unity then it may well hit PC/PS4/One/Wii U.

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    No Mans Sky (PS4/Xbone/PC)

    Of all the games that were announced last night i think this made the biggest impression on me. For one thing it looks stunning, i love the art style the developers have gone for. What was most impressive was just how slowly it started, i was thinking ok you walk around some planet identifying animals and plant life, ok not bad. Then you find a space craft, get it then proceed to fly around the map. Next thing your zooming off into space for some nice shooting action. Looming in the background is a planet and its getting bigger and bigger, I'm think can you land on it? And indeed you can.

    Absolutely outstanding ambition for this game, the scope from what the developers are saying is its almost infinite, not quite show how thais works but bloody hell, very interesting title. One i shall be keeping a very close eye on, just no idea of any kind of release date other than it will be on PS4 first.

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    No Mans Sky

    Trailer popped up for this in the ps4 conference dinosaurs planets, space combat, and resource collection and tradeing in a massive procedurally generated universe, this is the game i most hyped for next to sunset overdrive, it looks like what elite dangerous should be now. The fact that's its being made by such a small team is amazing this is where next gen gaming should be. i cant wait to take off from a planet and get straight into a space battle or just mooch about the galaxy with friends tooling up my spaceship with new gadgets and weapons if they get it right i may never need another game again.

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    While this doesn't appeal to me, it sounds absolutely fantastic in scope and concept. Hope it ends up a success.

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    really nice entry over on PlayStation blog, i think this game is further ahead than people think

    To put together our demo for E3, I’ve just been flying around, looking for nice locations for screenshots. Normally as a developer, your game doesn’t often surprise you, but I’ve just been grinning ear to ear as I’ve explored. Getting into fights with pirates, attacking space stations, discovering life I never knew existed. I guess I’m biased, but there are moments where my jaw drops, just seeing unexpected results emerge from procedural systems we’ve created.

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    Trailer from E3 looks mega, but what are you supposed to do?


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