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    TRADE FORUM RULES. Please read and comply with before posting in the trade forum.

    Bordersdown takes no responsibility for transactions that take place on the board. Whilst we have every confidence that all of our members will act responsibly in their dealings with one another, we cannot be held liable if things do go wrong.

    Bordersdown reserve the right to remove or edit any post within this forum without notice which they deem to be unfit, inappropriate or not posted in accordance to these forum rules.

    This forum is for the sale/trade of videogame/PC Games/console specific goods only. Non-videogame related items, including DVDs, HD-DVDs, Blu-Ray Movies, UMD Movies, PC Hardware, TVs, MP3 players, will be removed from the forum unless explicit consent is issued prior by the site admins. If you want to sell your other stuff, please use the non-videogame trading forum (available to subscribers only).

    The sale of flashed Xbox 360s will not be permitted here.

    The sale of DS flash cards is illegal in the UK and therefore will not be permitted here.

    This is for private individuals to post software and hardware adverts only -this forum is strictly off limits to retailers and sales linking to eBay.

    If you see anything you feel is inappropriate posted in this forum please contact any of the moderators/admin who will be pleased to assist

    A list of admins and mods to contact:

    Evil Boris



    Post a price with ALL sales

    State region (US, Japanese, PAL, Canadian)

    State condition - buyers here are more picky than many other places so the more detail the better if anything isn't really good.

    State payment methods accepted

    Mark sold items as SOLD in the topic if all items are gone, or next to each item in the original post as and when they are sold.

    Wait to receive payment before sending items (this is sensible guidance - not a rule)

    Edit the thread title with *SOLD* rather than post and bump the thread if everything is sold. We don't close threads. Please use the same thread for up to a year when the first post will no longer be editable.

    State in your post exactly what changes have taken place when adding to your sales thread or making price alterations. Simply stating 'games added' or 'prices lowered' or 'updated' will no longer be acceptable, and will be removed.

    For example -

    Disgaea Hour of Darkness (US PS2) reduced from ?30 to ?20
    La Pucelle Tactics (U2 PS2) added

    Once you have a feedback thread, go to your usercp and add it to the feedback field in your profile so that people can easily read and leave you feedback. Please only use your Bordersdown feedback thread for any transactions on this site, trade access will be removed for anyone doing otherwise.

    Respond to PMs in a timely manner. If you haven't got time to communicate, then you shouldn't be trading. If accessing the internet becomes a problem, get a friend/relative to email us. If PMs during a trade are not responded to within 48hours under normal circumstances, you should state this when providing feedback and please report your feedback post using the button so that we notice who the poor traders are.

    Let the seller know promptly as soon as you receive an item, failure to do so may result in the other party leaving feedback about poor communication.


    Do Not:

    Make lowball offers. This isn't AVForums.

    Sell, or attempt to sell, any pirate goods on this board. This will result in immediate banning.

    Sell DS flash cards since these are now illegal in the UK.

    Sell or trade promos until a month after release.

    Sell Flashed Xbox 360s.

    Sell or attempt to sell goods that are not in your possession, including 'Group Buys' - the forum is intended for sale of unwanted items. Note: If we see these advertisements we will delete them and we STRONGLY advise all members not to respond to solicitations if they do see them before we remove such posts.

    Sell imaginary / virtual items, e.g. online RPG goods/characters.
    Sell credit notes or other forms of "money".

    Attempt to auction your item. If you require this service please use sites like eBay, such posts will be removed here.

    Offer/request to share games available on the PS3 online store. When other people use your login and password they have access to your credit card details.

    Bump topics, as this is both rude and unfair on others. Only direct responses from interested buyers, price amendments to the item in question, informative answers from the seller etc are allowed. Bumping includes "Item is now sold", "Item no longer for sale", "photos added" or "Item On Hold" type posts.

    Post in any thread UNLESS you are genuinly interested in the sale, e.g. asking a question. This is not a discussion forum and such posts will be deleted without warning. Especially ones that just say "PMd"

    Reposting sales items in new threads in order to keep them on the front page is prohibited. Duplicate threads will be closed and removed.

    Post sales linking to any auction sites. There's a separate forum for that.

    Use ALL CAPS in posts or topic titles.

    Make 2 threads when 1 thread will do - please keep all your recent items for sale in 1 thread only.

    Do not delete the contents of the original thread. You can edit the post to mark items as SOLD etc but please do not delete the body of the text as this may need to be used for later reference.

    Do not attempt to take advantage of lack of availability of new items for a profit e.g. console preorders.

    Do not make an offer of sale without being able to follow it through. Similarly, do not make an offer of purchase without being able to follow it through, i.e. you must have funds available at time of purchase. If anyone has problems in this area, please leave feedback, even though a trade was not completed.

    Do Not 'report a post' because you want someone to close your sales thread, or post requesting it. Sales threads will no longer be closed, please just continue to edit your current sales thread when you have new items to sell/trade.


    A list of Traders to avoid
    Note: if your sales thread is over a year old you will not be able to edit it - please start a new one.


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    Please can everyone read the rules, or you may find your trade access removed.

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    Do Not:
    Post in any thread UNLESS you are genuinly interested in the sale, e.g. asking a question. This is not a discussion forum and such posts will be deleted without warning. Especially ones that just say "PMd"

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlesr View Post
    Do Not:
    Post in any thread UNLESS you are genuinly interested in the sale, e.g. asking a question. This is not a discussion forum and such posts will be deleted without warning. Especially ones that just say "PMd"
    Bump to save me explaining to multiple people. If your posts in the sales forum disappear, it's most likely for a reason. Thanks.

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    Please can I remind you to add your feedback thread to the relevant field in your profile. Won't hurt to add it to your sales post too.


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