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    Yeah which is why this site has become dull dull dull the fun has gone out of it & yet i still remain lol. I'll slowly convert you all back to imports (places fingers together in pyramid formation) muwahahaha

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    There really isn't that much to import Nintendo stuff though. The only thing on the horizon for me is A-Train 3D, which is one of my most anticipated pre-3DS launch titles. The WiiU has...Ryu ga Gotoku 1&2, which I have unplayed on PS3 already so have no reason to get a console just to play. I'm still importing, but I have less time to play. I still need to go back to Danbooru Senki Double Super Custom. Part of why I'm less interested in importing is how difficult I've found it to shift stuff I want shot of. I can't give away most of my J-Wii games.

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    Let's face it, half the forum don't want to play Nintendo games full stop, let alone obscure imports. That's their choice and that's cool, but for those who still care about this stuff there's plenty of reasons to keep on importing.

    Edge does still talk about imports but it's minimal coverage at best. I'm still pissed that Play-Asia still have links on some of their pages to take out Arcadia subscriptions, but they've clearly removed the target page

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    Importing was never about obscure games though. It was about getting hits like Street Fighter 2, Contra etc at least 6 months before everyone else. Some people just enjoyed them too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nakamura View Post
    Importing was never about obscure games though. It was about getting hits like Street Fighter 2, Contra etc at least 6 months before everyone else. Some people just enjoyed them too.
    And in some cases uncut & not ruined (i.e. Contra / Probotector FFS)

    I admit it's far less important these days with most titles getting releases at almost the same time & with little to no difference's (No More Heroes / Manhunt 2 not withstanding) but I do still like the buzz of getting a title that you won't see here.

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    I almost exclusively buy import games myself. I can't play games in 50Hz, too used to 60.

    I actually think importing may see a return. The industry is becoming squeezed and risky. Titles are less likely to be translated.

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    Importing is still cool and stuff but it's hardly like it was. Most games now come out globally around the same time - even stuff like Pok?mon which traditionally had huge lead times on the English language version.

    The Western market is so much larger than the Japanese that launching here and in the US first is the priority.

    So you end up with just the odd title being worth it on import. A lot of the j-exclusive stuff that comes out isn't even good. Project Diva F 2nd is the only import title on my horizon. I feel like you can end up playing a lot of crap just because it's Japanese if you're not careful.

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    It's the lingo for me. I have less free time than I used to so really don't have the time to sit through some RPG in moon anymore. Means I miss out on a few things but I don't have the time to either learn the language as if I did there goes my game time or slog through just for the sake of it anymore its a shame but there are plenty of good western, indie and translated games to go around especially as I no longer have 5-10 hours a day of playtime anymore.

    I do still import here and there, the less language heavy titles, diva and the like or if I'm a series fan like Yakuza but even then sometimes I just can't be arsed, stares as a sealed copy of RGG Kenzan.
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    There's a limit to how enthused a person can be for ANOTHER 360 shmup.

    Aquapazza was a nice title, as are the Project Diva games and maybe the odd Vita title but other than that I can't see me doing much in the way of "new" games importing.

    Would be a few more bits if the 3DS was region free but I'm not going to be buying a Japanese machine just to play a few curio pieces.

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    Annoyed that Time Travellers and that lovely 3DS labyrinth game never made it.


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