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    For me nowadays I don't import as much as I used to, ten years ago the market was very different and I imported around 95% of my games for my modded PS2 and NTSC-U GC with a bootdisk for all regions.

    I remember that there was a hell of allot of exciting stuff coming out for the NTSC-J region, and when it came to a significant release for Gamecube games, it was always worth importing NTSC-U/J over PAL, simply because the time difference between the NTSC and PAL releases were so vast.

    But like other people in this topic have said before me, I feel the market has changed in terms of NTSC-J output and now allot games come out at more or less the same time across all regions, which means that the only real reason why I would import nowadays for last gen/next gen gaming is if the box art would be nicer then PAL or if there were a truly special release which would not see a release for PAL regions.

    I agree with a previous poster that sadly yes, I also feel that importing has become very much something of a retro past time, added that I simply don't have enough hours to dedicate to gaming properly nowdays, my reasons for importing also just become all the more less and less.
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