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    Announced for a Western release

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    Hoping my JPN copy of PDf2 ships today or tomorrow. Recently re-imported the first game and it's still brilliant!

    Also got Utakumi575 which is similar but uses sentence structure as well as rhythm stuff.

    IA/VT Colorful is due in July and I've got that on order too.

    Loves me some rhythm action, me.

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    My Diva f 2 is shipped! Loved the first one...though the head stroking bits were a little silly.

    That IA/VT looks interesting, may chuck an order in if it turns out to be import friendly.

    Utakumi however is far beyond my skill set though

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    Utakumi is totally playable. If you get the words in teh wrong order you don't fail the song but you'll never get the highest scores.

    It's good fun!!

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    Ok Iím not sure where to put this , mods apologies in advance if itís not appropriate.
    A few years ago I purchased the Hori PS3 project diva arcade controller ( the big bugger ) from someone on here , they included a PS3 to PS4 adapter by brook I think it is . Truth be told Iíve never been able to get it to work , is it even possible to get the thing working ??? Any advice would be appreciated Thanks

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    Maybe you need to plug in a PS3 controller into the adapter during the boot phase? I have a multi-console converter and you need to plug a controller of the target console during boot to make it work.

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    The adapter might need updating. Is it a Yellow or white brooks adapter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gware View Post
    The adapter might need updating. Is it a Yellow or white brooks adapter?
    A yellow one

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    I thought it was. I believe I sold the controller to you, do you have a usb extension cable with it too?. It definitely works on the PS4, as I used it with one, but I remember thinking the adapter didn’t work first of all, but I do miss that controller. Definitely update it as the firmware is much newer now. It’s worth it once you get it working


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