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Thread: Lego Sites

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    Built the Lego Ice Cream Machine van build yesterday. Always liked the look of it when the first film was out and clocked a brand new one on gumtree for a great price.

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    Five new sets for the upcoming movie

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    I rather like the new Creator line 1965 Fiat 500

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    Been after this little set for a while. It’s been out of stock in all my local shops for that long I feared it might of retired without me knowing.

    Another one for my Speed Champions garage!

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    I don't need it... I don't ne... Oh hang on.. I think my kids need it *rubs hands together

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    the Lego premium x the Nintendo premium plus the speakers, the Bluetooth and the LCD screen wow this is gonna be expensive. I'm not super sure if its a misstep though as it has an air of Duplo about it and looks very preschool with the primary colours and chunkyness of it. i doubt there going for the 4-7 age range with this though and where trying to go more brick head with it but its not really coming across that way.

    The adults Lego collectors, are already kicking off as they where expecting a more traditional approach. You have to ask what they could of done for the grown up collectors, when you think of iconic Mario buildings you kind of imagine a brown castles. We kind of already have enough Lego castles for adult collectors at present between the premium Hogwarts and the Disney fair though.

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    It's an odd concept, that's for sure. I don't really understand the play factor in it at all ... but maybe I'm not the target market.


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