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Thread: Lego Sites

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    Yep, the more time passes the more unsuited for play we've found the sets. They're great at first but for the most part end up like a flimsy toy because there's little creative scope to them but they're not sturdy enough for normal play. It would have been nice if there was a side line of Mario with Mario themed bricks in bulk etc so kids could just mix, match and build Mario creations instead of these level based designs (plus had nicer minifigs)

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    Its a shame as the idea is good but not being able to move the thing without it breaking into small pieces is a shame. It could easily have been constructed with stronger pieces so it's a profit decision for sure.

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    Lots of Ideas sets up for review

    There are some brilliant submissions ... Jazz Quartet is still my fave

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    The post office is gorgeous. A few licensed ones there with potential too.

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    Yeah, the phone box on the Post Office is a lovely touch too.

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    There's some really nice designs but Lego need to filter projects much stronger. There's way too much repetition both within the same selection and with past ones as well.

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    I was buying a new headset for one of the boys in GAME last week and clocked Ecto 1 behind the counter. I had a ponder then rocked up today with a few trades. Havenít bought any Lego for a while so looking forward to building.

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    New Friends Apartments set coming next month (VIP access this month)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atticus View Post
    Lots of Ideas sets up for review

    There are some brilliant submissions ... Jazz Quartet is still my fave

    the Metroid ship looks cool, as dose the post office, and i really like the train tunnel book ends, a lot of the licensed stuff is not great, the Simpsons feels like its had its day and flash in the pan stuff like Among Us looks unweidley and expensive. their seems to be far to many castles and we kind of know their not gonna get through as they did the Medieval workshop last year and we are getting a creator 3 in one castle this summer so i doubt they would over saturate their own lines.


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